theacidskull's Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #1 review

A Well Crafted Story

Before going in to this, I'd like to say that Frankenstein is not only one of my favorite books, but also one of my favorite characters in fiction as well. While today the book can barely invoke a shred of fear within men, in it's day the Frankensteins monster was regarded as one of the scariest being in all of fiction, which is understandable considering that concepts such as creating life or giant zombie-like monsters weren't common, whereas today you see these types of things in cartoons for kids. Which brings me to my next point, Frankenstein's monster, due to it's/his popularity has gained many faces over the years, and while some were indeed decent, others were...not particularly well handled ( Looking at you, I,Frankenstein). The point i'm trying to make is that not many writers were willing to go back to the Classic version of the monster(not that I am aware of at least), and reading this I was happy as hell to see that it was basically a continuation as to where Merry Shelly's book left off.

The first thing you'll notice about this comic is frankensteins great narrative and characterization. What initially lured me towards the monster was the fact that he represented both sides of humanity, the good and the evil. It's sheer dichotomy he represents which had really caught my attention, and I haven't really left that any other writer had managed to capture the essence of the true frankenstein before, until now that is. Moreover, the appearance Victor Frankenstein could have turned into something dull and completely unnecessary but it does play a major element here. It further strengthens the readers view on the monster, because essentially and realistically his quest for self destruction ultimately stems from his Father, victor. Frankenstein hasn't fully analyzed the fact that he's ALIVE, meaning that whatever circumstances he was created under do not matter any longer, but Victors voice is still strong within his mind, meaning that the neglected child is still unknowingly trying to appease it's creator. It's concepts such as these that really draws me towards books, because currently you don't see this such layers within comics books.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of versions of Frankenstein, and while initially I wasn't on board with the design he was given here, it grew on me because the appearance plays an interesting role and serves a specific purpose. The deviation from the most accepted look mocks the idea of how frankenstein has been portrayed in various ways, and his appearance here was to surpass these expectations. Because he's not some brooding monster who hunts demons or anything like that, he's a flawed man trying to find his place in the world.

And since we're discussing looks, I might as well mention of how much I love the art here. The black and white coloring really compliments the splitting nature of the whole comic book and the character Frankenstein himself. The details are absolutely brilliantly done and each character and background looks spectacular. The style also really creates a classic horror vibe which really compliments the books tone as well as atmosphere.

I am very glad I picked this up, I wasn't expecting much and what I received was something fantastic. Steve Nelis, known mostly for his horror books, really crafts an intriguing tale. What I'm trying to say is that this comic book feels a lot like the classic Frankenstein book because a lot of the elements that were present there are even further elaborated upon. So if you're a fan, or if you're looking for something interesting to read, I'd recommend this.

Recommendation: YES!

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