durakken's Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #2 - War of the Monsters, Part 2: The Dissection of Nina Mazursky review

Those aren't called monsters...

This book just gets further and further from what it should be. It's not that this books is bad or good, but the clash of themes and the missed opportunity just screams out blandness. It's an interesting thing that happens. We have monsters mixed with superscience mixed and every time you get a bit of a story that might work with it the writer throws something else at your or doesn't explore it enough. The writer of this book is really just trying way too hard. You have monsters. You don't need a super science micro city base. You don't need inter-planetary adventure. You don't need gizmos that can plug into a brain and read it. You have monsters. All you need is Monsters. Sure throw some science in there, but the over reliance on it and trying to make all the monsters a product of science just ruins everything about the book. Making the monsters willing test subjects makes them sterile. Please, just give me a horror show. That's all you have to do and this book would be marvelous


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    Hello Sweetie ! 0

    Review for Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E #2.The Story: We get Nina Mazursky backstory and the team gets to the monster planet.The Good: Second issue in and Lemire already gives us Nina's backstory wich shows us a very twisted sense of motherhood from Nina and at the same time some set-up for the future. We get little moments of comedy between Frank and Nina when they are fighting the water monsters. Im very much liking Frank as an old timer who mistrusts all technologie because it might fail ...

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