dark_noldor's Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #16 - The Monster Bomb review

A sad farewell

It is really sad to see such an amazing series end the fashion this one has, with a bad, meaningless, stupid self contained pointless issue.Rather than end the series with an important meaning, like in conclusion of the Rot World or with Frank's fellows Dark Leaguers, no, DC pushed throught our throats this terrible ending where Frank, again an operative of S.H.A.D.E. (yes, continuity is for what, I ask?), without placing the story correctly in the time line, it could be before or after the events of the previous arc stories, must stop a bio terrorist group from launching a disease missile against New York. It's not a "monster bomb" as the cover says, it's a flu bomb. The narrative begins in the perspective of a CIA agent who's been investigating this group for years, just to see Frank break the party and save the day! The best thing about this weak issue was Ponticelli's art, that was impecable, perhaps his best issue in the title (ironic right?). The fact is, this is a complete waste of good energy, of the creative team, of the characters (Kindt really tries to make this work, but without a purpose or even motivation, what's the point?) and, above all, a disrespect with us readers! DC should never let this title end the way they did, if it was necessary to cut down the title, it deserverd a proper farewell, not this fake and terrible story! Avoid this, it's nothing but sadness!


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