graphiccasualfreak's Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 - War of the Monsters, Part 1: Monster Town, USA review


In this issue there is a lot going on. Especially for a #1. But I will say that as I knew Frankenstein and Shade were happening due to the whole thing in Final Crisis. I think it's cool that they so conveniently explain that all this is going on to combat the new super powered menaces like Superman and Batman; who in this world are not working with the government. None of the characters are especially memorable and the story is probably going to be typical monster movie fair. But I love that they are such a big acknowledged part of the world.

I love the concept and I love Frankenstein constantly either moaning or quoting poetry. Its awesome! If you don't like bubble gum style comics that are light on story and heavy on action this might not be the book for you. But considering the subject matter, I was all over it. Ever since Final Crisis I was intrigued by this idea and I love they found a way to do it in it's own book.

Finally, the art is pretty descent here, but there is certainly some inconsistency on some of the character art. But I'm sure that will evolve as the comic does. This comic could definitely evolve into a show piece for some great art. As the story probably won't be the main focus. So hopefully, Alberto Ponticelli and Jose Villarrubia get together and make some great stuff.

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