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In this issue there is a lot going on. Especially for a #1. But I will say that as I knew Frankenstein and Shade were happening due to the whole thing in Final Crisis. I think it's cool that they so conveniently explain that all this is going on to combat the new super powered menaces like Superman and Batman; who in this world are not working with the government. None of the characters are especially memorable and the story is probably going to be typical monster movie fair. But I love that the...

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Frankenstein is Awesome... 0

Jeff Lemire wrote the surprise hit last week with Animal Man #1, can he bring match the writing he did in the first issue of Animal Man with Frankenstein?  THE GOOD: The art is okay. I think it works for the story and I'm liking it so far. The story is amazing! The beginning is dark and I think it will hook readers into the comic until the end. I really liked the S.H.A.D.E. base. I really think that the S.H.A.D.E. Net concept is a good way to tell the readers things without having one of the cha...

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Welcome Back, Frank 0

Frankenstein and the Creature Commandos are sent in to provide aid to a town beleaguered by monsters.The GoodLove this cover by J.G. Jones, glad to here he'll be the regular cover artist for this book.The first thing I want to say is how much fun I had reading this book. By far this has been the most action packed issue I've read in the DCnU thus far. I'm glad that Lemire just throws us into the action and let's Ponticelli go to work. He's great at doing chaotic battle fields. I can't wait to se...

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Monsters Hunting Monsters 0

The Good: God this artwork is perfect for this title. It's gritty and creepy in a way that Doug Mahnke used to be. It's EXTREMELY good at setting the tone. I was afraid this book would feel too much like Hellboy, and honestly, it appeared like it could be. However, it definitely sets itself apart in tone. It's not the dark apocalyptic scale epic Hellboy is, but more like general stuff in the life of those working at this kind of place. The headquarters is ridiculously scientific and looks so dam...

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The story is pretty fun. The art isn't... 0

One of the fun things about DC's New 52 relaunch is that they've tried to put out more than just traditional superhero titles. "Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E." is an obvious example. The issue starts with an incident in the small town of Bone Lake, Washington. It turns out the city is being attacked by an army of monsters so S.H.A.D.E. teams Frankenstein up with The Creature Commandos to handle the situation and save as many residents as possible. See, I told you it wasn't a traditional supe...

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A frankenstein of writing and art 0

So I read Flashpoint Frankenstein and looked forward to more of that. The characters were great and they really had depth...But then I started reading this I'm not introduced to Frankenstein, but rather "SHADE", Frankenstein himself is never introduced in the book. They just assume you know his story. They introduce every other character in some way. The story i liked from flashpoint was grimey, not gritty, grimey. And that is completely lost here with the story being about a super-tech branch o...

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At Least Ray Palmer Can Still Find Work 0

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. banks heavily on a sense of weirdness to draw readers into its world, but the extreme amount of it almost backfires, making the first issue a tough read to process and get into.After reading Jeff Lemire's Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creature Commandos, I was not expecting much from this ongoing series, because if that was a taste of things to come, it was rather bland and basic. It was such a straightforward take on the characters and concepts that nothing ...

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League of Extrodinary Creature Comandos? 0

I've been reading Jeff Lemire's work for years now and I am glad he is doing a monster book. Working on a Man-Thing short for Marvel, a couple of monster commission in the past and also the invisible man in the nobody, Jeff Lemire likes monster literature and with the 52 it appears he wants a modern accessible monster story, which makes me happy and a fan of his. I skipped the flashpoint mini and I understood what was going on, so I will go with saying Jeff Lemire succeeds with making this acces...

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What would happen if Frank met Hellboy ? 0

Review for Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.  The Story: Frank gets informed about everything about S.H.A.D.E and goes off on his first mission with his new team members The Creature Commandos.  The Good: This series is going to be so much fun. Lemire introduces some many intriguing concept for this secret super team and how there HQ works, who are there employes (Palmer being here might be really cool) and there seem's to have a subtle set up of man playing god. With the machines that disintegra...

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War of the Monsters Pt. 1: Monster Town, USA 0

War of the Monsters Pt. 1: Monster Town, USA  .. I know   there is   alot  of  comparison  with  this  Frankenstein  and  The Creature Commandos vs .  Hellboy , but I sumit to you  readers that on the surface  it may look that  same , I think of it more the 1st  time this  team show up. As far  the  story goes  it  feels like  a spend off of flash point  more then  anything   and nothing  like the 1st  52 , but  that is a good thing  though.  ...

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Bone Lake Tales 0

To be honest I am not entirely sure what to make of this title.  I went into it not really grasping that it would be an updated version of the Creature Commandos, or that having been said, I have never had much exposure to them either except to know that they exist.  In fact I didn't even figure out until two thirds of the way through that this is about them.  That made the first part even more bizarre to grasp, with Franskentein's father in the body of a prepubescent girl and Ray Palmer acting ...

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A Cure for the Sun 0

I love this comic. It's one of my favorite of the New 52. I've never read anything prior about Frankenstein, but this idea is so absurd that it kind of cycles back and becomes ingenious again. Everything feels way over the top, similar to an exploitation movie or the work of Quentin Tarantino and it really, really works well.The idea that their headquarters is miniaturized using Atom's technology inside of an orb that floats above New York City is what made me knew I was going to love this book....

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