matkrenz's Franken-Castle #21 review

He goes a little bit crazy here.

This is the 21st and last issue of the Frank-Castle series. 

The Story:

Henry sends Frank to Monster island since he has to lay low after the whole Tokyo fiasco and so he can take time to heal.After a couple of weeks we see that Frank is back to normal and not only monologing like usual but also protecting the weaker monsters of Monster Island.The League of Monsters decide to go and get the Bloodstone back from Frank since he is slowly going crazy and enlist the help of Ilsa Bloodstone.There first attempt of getting the stone is having Manphibian to talk some sense into Frank but Ilsa decides to shoot Castle unconscious to get the stone wich Frank takes it that they want to kill him and starts fighting back.After a fight trought the jungle the Living Mummy is able to talk sense in to Frank and he takes out the Bloodstone out of his chest and walks away.A couple of weeks later we have two gansters going into an appartement to get some drugs but find the Punisher waiting for them.After having made one gangster kill the other gangster since he was "promoted" to cop killer he makes the other guy wear a chain,shoots him out of thw window were all his crew was located and on his chain we see the Punishers skull with the word "Back". 

The Good:

For me the best was the last pages were we finnally see the comeback of the Punisher.Also the speech that the Living Mummy gives about what the Punisher does can be considered "good" reflects perfectly why I like the character to begin with.And the art is consistently good in the issue. 

The Bad:

As i said the art was good but I don't care for Dan Brereton's art,it just doesn't combine well with what i usually expect with a Punisher series.Another i find annoying is that in November we are starting a new Punisher mini-series but I have to wonder that why we couldn't have that story in the on-going instead of ending it,doing the mini and starting it all over again.Also i will miss Franken-Castle because i tought it was an interesting idead and i would have liked to see differents story with it or hell even a What If.. would suffice. 
The Verdict:This is a good series end and even if I found a lot of problems with it I still enjoyed it and I can't wait for the next mini-series.This issue is a buy.
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