matkrenz's Franken-Castle #20 - Punishment Chapter 4 review

We even have Akira in this issue.

Franken-Castle issue 20 and the last part of Punishment. 

The Story :

We see Daken putting the Bloodstone that he took from FRank in the last issue and puts it in his chest.Then we see Daken fighting Frank and the police while going ona rant on how he hates cops and tells Frank that he's a worthless B-lister and that he should have stick to killing mobsters.Then Logan helps Frank to get to some electricity and decide to band together to stop Daken but Frank will still try to kill him.After injuring him and causing "Super Lupus" as Frank calls it,wich makes Daken look like Akira at the end of the movie.Logan pulls the Bloodstine out and puts it in Frank,when he turns around Daken has left and when he turns aroud again Frank has left wich Logan assume that Frank wont try to kill Daken now. 

The Good :

The action was pretty good and it helped to move the story along.Seeing Daken transforming into an Akira type monster thing was really cool.The art by Tony Moore,Paco Diaz and John Lucas was good and i didn't see a difference in art styles. 

The Bad :

I found Dakens rant on police officers really weird and out of place,don't know if it's something about his personnality that explains it but it seemed really out of place.I really would have wanted a little more of Akira-Daken because i thought it could have been a really good fight but if they had to finish the arc here then i understand why they couldn't do more with it. 
The Verdict :This issue had it's weird moments but with really good action and very appropriate art this is a solid read.And i have to feel a little sad because by looking at next months cover it seems that Frank will be going back to his normal body.The reason im sad is because i liked the idead of Franken-Castle and i wished that it would have lasted longer.But oh well this is the nature of the comic book industrie.Anyways this is a solid read and i wonder what will happen next month.

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