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In the Town Without Pity, good men are hard to find. Enter Wallace, a man of mystery. He's a nice guy who's very good at killing people. Out for an evening drive along the beach, he meets the woman of his dreams-and she's trying to kill herself. Why? And who are the shadowy cabal of power brokers who wrench her from his arms? When will all hell break loose? Comics legend Frank Miller, creator of the groundbreaking Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, pounds out his longest S in City graphic novel to date-a bare-knuckle barrage of brutal action, dark secrets, and heroic sacrifice. What the hell-it's a love story! The most recent story in Miller's gritty crime saga, Hell and Back includes color sections and pinups by a who's who of comics luminaries.

This brand-new edition features a fantastic pinup gallery with the likes of Geof Darrow, Gary Gianni, Jason Pearson, Matt Wagner, and more-including colorist Lynn Varley's first comics illustration!

All of the Sin City titles are redesigned by award-winning book designer, Chip Kidd!


Contains the nine issues of Sin City: Hell and Back.

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