Frank Miller, ranked 37 on...

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Frank Miller is one of the greatest contributers to the modern era of comics. He deserves it.

#4 Posted by Abnaxus (14 posts) - - Show Bio

Frank is THE man, he deserves that place in the top !

#5 Posted by Last_Guardian (28230 posts) - - Show Bio

i agree he's done a lot for comics..but what exactly did he do in 2007?  300?

#6 Posted by Vance Astro (89666 posts) - - Show Bio

Frank Miller is one of the worst comics writers..I think people give him too much credit.Dark Knight was the only thing he did right.All-Star Batman is garbage...the dialogue sounds like it was written by a child,Sin City is trash,he run on Daredevil sucked and they retconned or undid most of that stuff anyway.I don't know what else he has written but beside Dark Knight he hasn't written anything that doesn't suck.


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