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Pre-Cry For Blood

Helena Bertinelli's father went by the name Guido Bertinelli who had sent Helena to bording school after she was kidnapped and raped at age six by a rival Mafia family. He was later murdered along with the rest of his family witnessed by a 19 year old Helena.

Post-Cry For Blood

In Greg Rucka's revised version Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood, Helena Bertinelli witnesses the murder of her family in their home when she is aged just 8. She believes Franco to be her father, but later finds out her true father is a rival Mafia Don by the name of Santo Cassamento who was having an affair with Helena's mother, Maria.

Other Media

Franco's Last Stand

DC Animated Universe / Justice League Unlimited

Franco's daughter Helena was an adult when Franco and Carmela were killed but, in the cartoon Justice League Unlimited she was a little girl. Another difference between the comic and the cartoon was they were actually killed by Mandragora and not the Silencer.

Arrow TV Series

Franco Bertinelli will be appearing in the new Arrow TV series and will be played by Jeffrey Nordling

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