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The current identity of Fracture is unknown but he is a villain that has the ability to break things with his touch. However, his power to break things with his touch was not very compatible with bank robberies so he decided to use his abilities for an insurance scam.  He try to rob a bank, however the caper was foiled by  Spider Man.   During the fight with him,  Fracture was tranquilized by Blade and premused sent to jail.

Later  Fracture planned to demolish a construction site and collect on the damage but his plans were foiled by Spider Man and Daredevil. The web-head shoots some webbing into Fracture's eye but he causes the webbing to crumble with his touch. Fracture would grab Spider Man and toss him into Daredevil. Fracture would touch an erector set and cause it to collapse but Spider Man prevented the construct from falling onto them with his webbing. Daredevil bounced his baton off a metal beam and knocked Fracture out.  

Powers & Abilities

Fracture has the ability to break down the structural integrity of any non-organic material with his touch. The item he touches appears to turn into a stone-like composition instantly and then the structure or item begins to crumble seconds later.

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