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Carl E. Schultze, whose popular nickname was "Bunny", signing his strips and books with that moniker, created the comic strip character Foxy Grandpa and the character first appeared in 1900 in the New York Herald paper.  
Foxy Grandpa had numerous humorous adventures involving his grandchildren, Chub and Bunt.  The grandchildren were somewhat similar to the Kattenzjammer kids but instead Chub and Bunt focused their energies on trying to fool their Grandpa into humorous acts.  The boys, however, often failed, as their Grandpa would often foil their schemes and the tables would usually end up getting turned on the boys by Foxy Grandpa's wits and he was also shown to display remarkable acrobatic skills and techniques for an elderly gentleman.  

Publishing History

Foxy Grandpa was published in 30 different types of comic books and books, mostly reprints of newspaper comic strips from four known publishers.  The comics were among the first to be considered comic books, part of the Platinum Age of comics.  The books were larger in format than today's comics, and would fold out like a newspaper.  In fact, most of them are larger than the original newspaper strips which they appeared.   The character's popularity lasted from 1900 to approximately 1917.   

Other Media  

Foxy Grandpa appeared in a Broadway play at the height of its popularity, and a silent movie had been planned but not produced. 

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