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Olivia Underwood developed a criminal career for herself as Foxfire and began to rob locations and eventually joined the Institute of Evil to further her goals. This same group is what led Olivia directly in the path of the Squadron Supreme and on one attack on the Squadron and their families. After losing the battle and with the Squadron believing in "reforming" criminals not incarcerating them, Foxfire was behaviorally modified. This changed her criminal tenancies and she became allied with the Squadron, all due to the process installing blocks in her mind through Tom Thumb's behavior modification machine.

After all the members of the Institute of Evil were behavior modified, Olivia and the others were given membership to the Squadron to better manage and utilize their abilities and to fill their ranks with guaranteed loyalty. During this time Olivia and the founding Squadron member Dr.Spectrum developed a flirtation with one another which developed to a strong romance. This romance was the turning point in helping Dr.Spectrum deal with his involvement with the accidental death of Nuke a former member of the Squadron.

Ending the battle of Titans

When Nighthawk formed the Redeemers and planed to attack the Squadron and stop the Utopian program, which he objected to, Olivia was kidnapped and the behavior modification process reversed. Even after the modification reversal Olivia had strong doubts about the attack on the Squadron believing they had truly helped her and that her feeling towards Dr.Spectrum were deeply sincere. During the ensuing battle Foxfire ran towards Nighthawk and used her powers to cause decay to his heart thereby killing him and putting a halt to the battle. However as Olivia ran back to Dr.Spectrum to assist him the

Mink sliced her from the back causing severe internal bleeding and she died in the arms of the man she loved.


Rot you down baby!

Foxfire was an adventurer form Earth-712 who possessed the ability to project a wave of Bio-Illumination from her hands that would cause the molecular half-life of most objects to start to accelerate at a sub-atomic level causing its hyper accelerated and rapid breakdown.

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