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 The end of Fox
The Fox witnesses Luther shooting Cyrus and almost gets shot himself. He is one of the smartest Warriors.  He knows information on opposing gangs as well as their numbers strengths and territory.  He even helps Swan negotiate with the Orphans a no-network unaffiliated gang. They are considered a minor league team and Fox says they are so low they aren't even on the map.  During Negotiations Fox is cautious and keeps a cool head until negotiations break down.  He then tells Mercy the Warriors don't hide who they are just because some whore shakes her A--. Unfortunately for him, he gets thrown in front of a subway train by a cop.

Other Media

 Fox Negotiates
The Novel 
Fox was originally in the novel Warriors written in 1965 by Sol Yurik
The Movie
The charter of Fox was in the movie and was supose to have the romance with Mercy but because their was no chemistry between the two actors the script was changed so that Swan would be the love interest of Mercy.
The Video Games
The Video games were based more on the movie than the novel and used all the same characters.  It also took them through the same scenes of the film.

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