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The Four Mary’s were 4 teenagers girls (somewhere between 14 and 17 never really sated for sure) who lived in a girls-only boarding school in at St. Elmo’s in Elmbury in Great Britain, their stories (which went on from 1958 to 1991 without them graduating or aging!) dealt with studying, having fun, helping (and being hindered by) the other girls or teachers within the school.

While their “adventures” were quite mundane (though there was at least one involving a gift of a totem from Alaska that seemed to control birds and they did run into the occasional ghost or the like)   they were around for a very long time, staying at St. Elmo’s from 1958 until 1991, with their last appearance taking place in Maga-City 1 (Judge Dread, “Something About the Four Marys.” )

Also of note is that while at the start of their adventures in 1958 they looks were quite distinct, by their last one in Bunty in 1991 they were, save for their hair, virtually identical looking.

The 4 Mary’s were:

Lady Mary Radleigh (Raddy): The blonde of the four, a polite but outspoken girl from a very wealthy family.

Mary Simpson (Simpy):  A dark curly haired girl from a lower-class background who was excellent at math and had won her place at St. Elmo's through sheer hard work and dedication.

Mary Field (Fieldy): The sporty tom-boy, who was always winning trophies and ribbons in sports.

Mary Cotter (Cotty):  shy, well-spoken and sweet.    

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