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Dr. Dodd, his lovely brown-haired, blue-eyed, widowed daughter Mary, and her children Mason and Lily, decide to take a trip in a blimp. Due to a storm, the blimp is destroyed and they manage to land on the edge of an isolated Pacific island which is inhabited by dinosaurs and cavemen. Mary is chased by giant vampire bats in a deep cave and Dr. Dood saves her just in time. Later Dr. Dodd and his family are befriended by Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle. He is the leader of the his prehistoric tribe and their pet dinosaurs, the Triceratops. They are opposed on the island by a different group of cavemen and their pet dinosaurs, the T-Rex's. A big battle ensues between the two groups and most of Kona's men flee in fear. Later the enemy cavemen kidnap Mary and tie her to wooden poles, intent on sacrificing her. Dr. Dodd rescues her with the help of modern weaponry.

After this issue, Dell places Kona and the Dodd family into their own comicbook, Kona, which begins at #2.

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