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(no but really people shouldn't read this thread if they haven't read the book...they should go read the book because it's awesome)

Anyhow, do you think that she will be "back?" What with time travel, and the whole changing-of-the-past concept already introduced, it's at least feasible that people who die may resurface further down the track. Do you expect to see Zoe again? Would you even want to?

Personally I found her to be very compelling; legitimately psychotic, but at the same time really damaged and therefore sympathetic. I would've liked to see her mental health and past dealt with. And the rich potential thereof is what has me wondering if she might possibly come back. It'd be at least as shocking as seeing her go.

I also find it interesting that she died at all. As has been brought up in interviews, Irina may have had a reason to kill her (after all, she demonstrated her ability to take nonlethal/incapacitating shots if she wants to), so maybe that will be addressed... but either way, yeah... I don't know how many people out there are reading this book or will even see this thread, but I figured I'd toss it out.

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Bumping for the, er, "morning" crowd.

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I really dug Zoe. Everyone knows she was a big time b**** but to be honest I agree with you, her dialogue was excellent. Her backstory had me hooked to. And after finishing the 4th trade I so want her back even more. Irina is not a solid trade.... Ugh i could not read this series in singles trade is hard enough to follow. I really like MG but O man at the end of the 4th trade it felt like you would get some big time answers!!....But not really. I'm in the trade buying for the whole long haul but its such an intriguing and frustrating series to read at the same time. Zoe, Casey and Miss Hodge are my current favorite characters.

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@savagedragon: Color me shocked to see this thread again! I'd assumed it was a lost cause.

I really liked Zoe as well. Murderer or not I think she was actually my favorite of the Glories. So...that ended rather abruptly, haha.

I bought the entire run in the Comixology sale and basically read it all in two days. So I have no idea how bad it will be reading it in single issues, but I imagine it will indeed be, as you say, frustrating. I don't know what issue Truants (that's the fourth trade, I believe?) goes up to, but hopefully you've read through 25 (as that's the end of the "season"). I love the series enough that I'm waiting to see if they release a season-length omnibus. If they do, I'll definitely buy that; if not, I'll go ahead and get the trades, just to have it on my shelf and be able to share it with other people.

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@akbogert: yeah I have read up to the end of 4th trade trade (issue 25). Theres so much story, I just want answers but love the journey.

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@akbogert: Well, as you know, Zoe wasn't near my favorite xD She was actually second to last, next to Ike. Maybe it's just me, but I don't much find sympathy for psychopathic killers, when... well, when they're psychopathic killers, lol. I don't care how bad their upbringing was, when you purposefully go around killing innocent students (as far as we know, a lot more could be revealed, obviously), yeah, you lose the right to be sympathetic to me. It's that fact that we don't know a lot about her backstory that is the problem. We don't know what her real motivations were, if there were any, and why she did what she did, only that she did. With the information provided to us, I can only see her as a murderer, plain and simple.

Buuuut, all that being said, she was at least still interesting--all the characters in this series are, no matter how much of a prick they are, lol--and I will say that it seems strange that one of the six main characters was killed off so early, a little more than halfway through the first season, so it's entirely possible she'll be back. After all, as older, Time Traveling Jade With Magic Healing Powers was telling Hunter, she was trying to get him to send everyone back to the point in time they were supposed to be, so that might still happen. I wouldn't mind seeing her back, but I'll admit I'm not mourning her loss, either.

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@savagedragon said:

@akbogert: yeah I have read up to the end of 4th trade trade (issue 25). Theres so much story, I just want answers but love the journey.

Tis a good journey. Apparently this week is (as declared by a decent chunk of fans, to the point where Eisma has even mentioned it) officially "Morning Glories Week," so hopefully we can get more people started on that journey.

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Never heard of this book before so i just skimmed the post (in case i read it i don't want too much revealed). But do you guys recommend this series?

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@aiden_cross: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Look it up and read the premise, and if that catches you, then definitely give it a shot.

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@ravager4 that was a quick reply :p But i'll definitely look it up then! And i'll let you know if i like it ;)

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@aiden_cross: Bah. I began the post with DON'T READ THIS for a reason O_O

And that reason is because you absolutely should read this book so no point ruining anything for yourself. It's too awesome.

If you don't like it, I don't think we can be friends (just kidding but not entirely kidding)

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@akbogert well damn.. Now i'm scared to read it :p

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@aiden_cross: Leave this thread.

Buy every issue of Morning Glories. Read them. Love them. Castigate yourself for waiting so long.

THEN you have my permission to come back to this thread :P

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How far in is this book?

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@mercy_ said:

How far in is this book?

Would've replied earlier but, well...it's kind of hard to find a thread like this without notifications :(

Issue 26 just came out; the first 25 issues are considered "Season One" and are collected across four trades. It's planned for a total of 100 issues.

Oh, and both issue 1 and issue 26 are available for $1 each.

Normally I'd see a number like 26 and cringe at the thought of catching up, but honestly, it truly is worth it.

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Apologies for getting anyone's hopes up who sees this thread resurrected. I just figured here was as good a place as any to share this variant for issue 29, considering the sad but rather hilarious nod: