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I for one, am quite optimistic. If Veronica Mars can get 2 million in one day, us Young Justice fans can fund our show in 3 months no problem. The funding stage is open tonight at 7pm PST (Unless us Young Justice fans crash the SMGO site again XD).

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They've raised almost $20,000 in about 3 days. Impressive. Still a long way to go. But I choose to be hesitantly optimistic.

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Is this legit?

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Only 0.3% funded :/

I don't want to be that guy but I hardly see the fanbase 'DONATING' 10m $$$. I just don't see it. Maybe if we would have like 1m fans for this show, but by the looks of things we might have like 100k+ or so. Sorry to be this guy. I, amongst all the fans want this show to come back by any means necessary..

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I like how he throws around the number 10 million likes its no biggie.

So say hypothetically they do raise the money, what happens if the ratings suck again and it gets cancelled? I don't want to be an ass but that would be a colossal waste of 10 mill. Plus I would imagine most of the fans are young and young people are poor.

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The show didin't had bad ratings, even with the all anti-campaign CN did for it it was still the highest rating cartoon on the station ( except starwars but we all know SW would head to Disney next year, and Greg W, the YJ producer, will be in the project).