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If you had to choose the perfect x-force team, who would you pick?
No more than 10 team members.

My Team

1. Cable - Co-Leader of the team. I would want him to have his TK/TP back. At least at jean grey, pre-phoenix levels. I don't care if he still has the precog powers, but I really want him to get his telekinesis and telepathy back to stronger levels. Cable is the ultimate soldier, and one of the best leaders in the marvel universe. He took down almost all of the avengers, while he was literally dying.

2. Deadpool - He and cable have a great history. Not to mention he's a total bad ass assassin, and the dude's got jokes.

3. Hope Summers - The mutant messiah, and pretty much cable's daughter. She would add an immense amount of firepower to the team. Her entire life she was trained by cable, in a variety if different disastrous conditions, all while being hunted by bishop.

4. Shatterstar - Expert in hand to hand combat, cool mutant power to "to convert sonic frequencies in shock waves of vibrating energy." Plus, he's got those cool blades.

5. Gamit - He has one of the coolest powers of any x-man. like hope and cable, he adds a lot of firepower to the team. Not to mention that Remy would be useful in those situations where a lighter touch was needed. He's a great theif and quite the charmer.

6. Domino - Classic x-force character. Expert in many forms of firearms and explosives. Her mutant power would be really useful as well. You can always use a little luck.

7. AOA Blink - The team would need a teleporter, and Blink's one of the best. She even can use her powers offensively, in the form of spears that can teleport an enemy, or just a part of the enemy, away.

8. Forge - I would want to see forge less in the field, and more in the lab, making awesome gear for the rest of the team.

9. Doctor Nemesis - Like forge, I would want to see him as less of a soldier and and more of a doctor/mad scientist. who spends most of his time at HQ antagonizing forge.

thanks, this is the first topic i've created.


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Pretty damn good. No strong guy?

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I'd go with: Cable, Forge, Psylocke, Deadpool, Outlaw, Domino, Stacy X, and probably Blink as a teleporter though I think Magik would fit better. Not sure if I want her leaving Uncanny though.

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  • Cable
  • Psylocke
  • Domino
  • Fantomex
  • Magik
  • Rachel Summers

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  1. Cable
  2. Domino
  3. Shatterstar
  4. Psylocke
  5. Fantomex

I imagine them operating with a mandate similar to what we know of Spurrier's upcoming X-Force.

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x-force should be wild and kickass






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  1. Cable
  2. Wolverine
  3. Magik
  4. Deadpool
  5. Warpath
  6. Warbird
  7. Psylocke

This team runs on the mission of Remender's X-Force in that they aren't afraid to go out and kill any enemies of the X-Men

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There have been some very different X-Force teams over the years, especially recently. I'd probably do an "all star" team heavy on recent members because I honestly don't care much about the original run. Something like:

Didn't include Wolverine because he's everywhere. Didn't choose X-23 because that would make me sad. Would love to get Dr. Nemesis, Bishop, Spiral, or Archangel in there somehow, but getting a little big on the roster and don't want to cut anyone else. Also, I think Warbird would be a good addition.

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No Wolverine he's too 'noble' this days. No X23 she's too determined over a missoin, she steels the spotlight.

Warpath, Archangel (too bad he's nuts), Gambit (exploring his Death persona and upgrading his powers to the level he fought New Sun, of course not being too overpowered), Domino or Frenzy, Boom Boom would be funny but she's too irresponsible for black ops, also they'll need a teleporter, so Magik is the best choise I guess.

Forge and Nemesis as non operating problem solvers and inventors. They'll need a leader but I don't know if it'll be Cable, I don't like what is going on with him: too old, this lobotomized/precog sh*t and Hope. Same with Bishop, after what he did I don't think he fits. So my only vacancy is for the leader.

The squad will be 'assembled' over Elixir's kidnapping, it will be revealed kidnappers wanted to use his omega level biological manipulation to create biological weapons and everything else that will sell good, even medication for people who'll pay enough.

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- Magneto (leader)

- Colossus

- Domino

- Warpath

- Quicksilver

- X-23

- Forge

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Yeah, i guess i could use a strong guy on the team. Maybe Warpath or Colossus. Not sure if Colossus is really the type of character that belongs on an x-force team, though.

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I've always thought it would be cool to have a Thunderbolts-style X-force team of reformed mutants.





Juggernaut (bring back Cain!)


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This is an overkill team lol I guess mutants will be untouchable if this team operates.

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Tyhe more I think of it, especially with the new Magneto solo and the direction it's taking... I could easily add Magneto to an Xforce squad. Maybe in a Co-leadership role with Cable. I wonder how that dynamic would though.

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I don't think after what Mags did to Cable in Fatal Attractions they can work together, it's shown that Cable still doesn't like him.

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Now that you mentioned it, you are right. I forgot about that.

Im usually not a fan of redundancy. It seems that Mags solo and Xforce will be really doing some of the same stuff.

I guess Mags could run his own team of Acolytes though

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@zrhodahero: I guess for a strong guy Deathlok could be used?

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@hawk2916: Magik would be a better teleporter for the team. Plus, it would be awesome to see her on an x-force team with Cable. Deathlok is a pretty cool choice for a strong guy as well. Always thought he was a neat character.

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I also think Bishop would be awesome on an x-force team, but I'd want Cable to be the leader of the team. With the history that those two have, i really don't see them working together.

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Wolverine- Co-leader

Cable- Co-leader

Mystique- Espionage

Jubilee- Powerhouse

Warpath- Powerhouse

Psylocke- Stealth

Fanthomex- Stealth

Eva- Transport, non-combatant

Blink- Teleportation

Sage- Mental Communications, Tactician, Headquarter Hub, non-combatant

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The new roster with Deadpool