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What's your favourite x poster. I'm personally looking for a montage one with all the x-men characters on but finding it hard to track one down

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check www.etsy.com lots of great stuff there

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@spaced_boy: mostly based on my own nostalgia, my favorite X-men poster has always been Art Adams' classic X-men from the late 80's. It's the one I had hung in my room as a teenager, even before I knew who several of the characters were (I started reading in '92, so I didn't know Havok, Longshot, or Dazzler, and I didn't recognize Psylocke).

It seems to be based on Adams' own cover for Classic X-Men #1, but with some interesting updates (Storm being in Cyclops' spot, and Rogue being in hers since she couldn't fly at the time, for example), and drawn better.

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i used to love this as a kid in the 90s. This is a recoloured version. The original came as the reverse side of the X-Men #1 gatefold cover, forcing me to buy two copies so i could put this on my wall (basterds...) Jim Lee was my favorite artist at the time... although the size of Meggan's head always bugged me.

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I have this massive one that only just fits across my wall haha (and yeah it has to cover over my mirror a little)

and also this dark x-men one by jae lee

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@cerealkiller: I love jae Lee's artwork and The big one you have is awesome I've been looking at that but I would want to frame it and God knows how much that would cost me. It's becoming hard to choose now so much good stuff :)