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Looks like a thing to me...

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Looking forward to seeing the JGS crew and the CXS group working together again, yet another step towards getting the x-men to not all hate each other.

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Not sure where this is lying continuity wise, but if it's in continuity then we have proof that Rogue's living through Uncanny Avengers (which I thought from the start) since her and Nightcrawler are in the same group shots...also assuming that it's the brotherhood from the future that made the humans disappear.

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This feels like a step on the path to my dream.

My dream scenario has been that we have 3-4 separate teams, all with different mission statements (example: Uncanny-outlaw team, xmen- global mutant response, xfactor- government team, xforce- preemptive strike team). There would really be no hostilities, just different methods of handling problems and pursuing different aspects of Xavier's dream. Every 2-3 years, members of each team come together to form a 9-10 man squad to deal with a huge extinction level event, in fact we could call it the Astonishing event. Said event would run anywhere from 6-10 issues on its own, while the regular books would still go on dealing with their own stories, no tie-ins.

This just feels like that in some way. I guess it wont happen but I can dream cant I? lol

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This is the first I've heard of it. Is it a new series/graphic novel? Or a motion comic? Or both?

Either way, the concept is incredibly amazing, and I may have to buy this when it's released. I'm hoping it'll be both, since Astonishing X-Men is the best comic related video series I've seen.

This sounds very interesting, however I'm not sure how it would play out. But I guess we'll find out in May.

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This look like is going to be AWESOME. Another series to look forward to. I'm just hoping the price wont be $3.99...because it will cut me off from buying the Magneto's series...lol. But I see if I can rearrange something...because this truly look interesting.

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@koays: We know it takes place after Battle of the Atom from the trailer, the fact that Magneto is included in his white uniform means he's still a part of the Uncanny team so it takes place before Uncanny X-Men #16, Nightcrawler's inclusion means this takes place after the first arc of Amazing X-Men (Amazing X-Men #1-5), and the fact that Logan and Scott are bitching at each other means that their team-up in WatXM (Wolverine and the X-Men #39-40) has happened.

The only things I can't say for sure are where this takes place in regards to Infinity/Inhumanity and Uncanny Avengers. Rogue's presence means this occurs either after Earth X (Uncanny Avengers 18 - ?) or before Ragnarok (Uncanny Avengers #6-17). I'd also bet that this takes place after Infinity/Inhumanity, but that's just my opinion.

@cutter: If I recall correctly it's a one-shot graphic novel, not a limited monthly series.

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@cutter: I'd expect it to be somewhere around $24.99.

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@hawk2916: This does seem strangely like that, if you just give a label to the teams the way the books are currently set up then it's very close. And if were just focusing on the team in the X-Jet then it's got a good balance from every book.....though the idea that Marvel would go more then a year without an event that interrupts it's regular line is MY real dream....seriously i'll buy the event and my regular pulls.

@raggedscarecrow: I think it's after Earth X just based on the difference in time they'd have to account for between Battle of the Atom and the end of Nightcrawler's Amazing Arc. They'll more then likely bring up Scarlet Witch though if all the humans have disappeared, so we should be able to judge it based off of whatever response they give about why it's not her.

Though I think it would just be way to many plot holes to have this lineup if the cast wasn't going to make sense within the timeline...it would be easier to just not include rogue/nightcrawler

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@raggedscarecrow: Hm, interesting. Except it seems the Uncanny Avengers storyline actually takes place BEFORE Battle of the Atom, or at least before "chapter six" of Battle of the Atom. In that issue, Wolverine's healing factor is missing, and in Uncanny Avengers, it seems to still be present, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Seriously though, the timeline of Uncanny Avengers is so screwed up because it has been such a long ongoing storyline.

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@istarijedi: No, Wolverine doesn't have his healing factor in UA. That's how they tried to sell us on his an Rogue's deaths.

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Oh Maaan. This is something I wouldn't miss for nothing. It look good, too bad is not a continued series caus it does look like a good story. This is cool.

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Can't wait.

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Not interested, to be honest. Maybe because I already read a book that described earth without people on it...

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Very much looking forward to it and wish it was coming to us sooner than 5/7/14.

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@raggedscarecrow: I have the feeling everybody is coming back, somehow, in the conclusion of the Ragnarok arc.

@koays: never thought that. wow. now it makes sense.

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Well this is interesting.