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So, i love comics. I've been reading them my entire life, but its mostly (95%) been DC stuff. i'm very distant from the marvel universe, aside from the occasional Thor, or Iron Fist, and i recently have become interested in X-men. Just wondering whats a good starting point, or great arch to read. I'm not even asking to be current, just want to dive into a great story without having to know tons of background stuff. Any suggestions on where to start?

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@kraytrawk: If you are able to check out XMen Classics (should be dirt cheap) and the X-Factor V1 run. I believe you can find them as Essentials TPB. Anything written by Claremont or Simonson during the 80's, Fabian Nicieza in the 90's and Joss Whedon in the 00's is typically good.

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Yeah, I haven't read it yet but pretty much everyone I've ever talked to on the subject has recommended Whedon's Astonishing X-Men run, and it seems this thread's no different in that respect.

As for right now, I'd say most of the X-books are good, but with a massive crossover event happening in September you might be better off trying to wait until after Battle of the Atom before getting on-board. Not that it wouldn't be worth it to catch up, mind you, but that would require a bit of dedication I wouldn't generally expect from a completely new-to-mutants reader.

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Just start reading X-Men comics now, when marvel now started. if you want read major story arcs, then read one of lists, it called X-Men recommendations.