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X-films Question: Rogue should be with.... (18 votes)

Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) 11%
Gambit (Taylor Kitsch) 22%
Magneto (Sir Ian Mckellen) 0%
Magneto (Michael Fassbender) 17%
Nobody. She should be with a fight scene in these films. 50%

Obviously, Rogue in the films is nothing like her comic book counterpart. But in the movie universe, who would you enjoy watching her character be paired with in the films.

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WHOO Iceman's winning!

Seriously though, I loved their dynamic. They obviously meant a hell of a lot to each other especially in X3. I can't see another movie character being better suited for Rogue.

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The way they've cast Rogue in the movies is just terrible and one of the many atrocities that we have in the X-films

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I picked fight scene. SHE IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL X-MEN IN THEIR HISTORY AND SHE DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! I'm surprised nobody has picked Gambit yet. Ian + Anna = Eww

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@mcklayn said:


lol -- and that's in the lead, so there's hope yet for CV.

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X-film-Rogue is TOO emotional, depressing, and weak. Hopefully X-Men Days of Future Past will change that but overall she hasn't really been showcased or portrayed well!

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Rogue should be "with" a better actress than Anna Paquin.

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Rogue should be "with" a better actress than Anna Paquin.

No kidding. I dislike Anna Paquin so much. How her career has someone continued blows me away. Stupid True Blood.