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I cant wait for this. I still wonder if it would have been better set this on an alien planet maybe the kree or shiar empire rather than earth. Also maybe a different universe like ultimate or even if it could be done in a way that completly ignores the other stuff in marvel sort of how the xmen should be in a seperate universe or in their own little corner.

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Trade I'm event tired :/

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@broo1232 said:

Trade I'm event tired :/

is it an event or ongoing?

#54 Posted by knighthood (1813 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll give it a shot. I loved the Marvel Knights version.

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If its good then yes.

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Infinity is an event, inhumans is ongoing... I'm afraid people may not be able to avoid it from what I've read it's a shift in the marvel universe, much like the creation of xmen (mutants) was... I know there have been in humans before, but not on the scale some previews suggest... It will also be its own comic as I understand it... All a bit hush hush at the moment I guess, especially if new heros and villains are in development.

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@mcklayn: Sounds like an event to me, and I've seen some people call it that, but I think Inhuman is an ongoing, but I think the event is Inhumanity, but inhumanity I think will happen in Inhuman.

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There will be an ongoing book titled "Inhuman" and an event called "Inhumanity"

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They made it sound like the Game of Thrones because of the different houses that will form. Black Bolt's leadership might not last when it comes to all the Inhuman races. Apparently him doing this has even got Medusa pissed at him they way she slapped him and left the room in disgust.

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@comicbookfan93: I don't think it will be an event in itself, from what I've read inhumanity is something that will occur during infinity that will awaken dormant cells in a large number of people's bodies giving them powers... Or I guess turning them into useless blobs... Isn't the terrigen mist meant to be a bit unpredictable? This will cause a crisis on earth, but unless marvel decides to cure it and undo the event then the inhumans on Earth could be as numerous as the mutants in x-men... The skeptic in me says that maybe scarlet witch and quicksilver will attribute there powers to a genetic mutation caused by terrines mists and go by the term inhuman instead of mutant as a way to bypass the copy right issues with fox as well as a way to introduce I humans ready for an inhumanans movie? But that's me being a skeptic... Also do fox have the rights to I humans and terrines mists with the fantastic four? I'd imagine not, I would think the copy rights would have been a huge very detailed contract listing stuff that's included rather then a blanket of everything that's appeared in the comics involved?

Anyway moving of topic. I think the new inhumans are here to stay and will become factions or houses and maybe be like the white wolfs Vampire series, with lots of underground factions at war with each other? Time will tell, maybe it will just be an event and end with a rehumanising of the Inhumans ;)

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Every single one of Fraction's team books have been really disappointing and aside from the young Kate Bishop I really dislike how he writes women, so no. The fact that the Inhumans are stealing the X-Men's thing I can't say I see anything there that I can't already get with the X-Men.

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I like FF but I agree he isn't the best.

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@hillbillymorangie: pretty sure the article says there will be an event and an ongoing but yes I believe you're right about the rest especially marvel calling quicksilver and scarlet witch inhumans. And I thought in the new series the terrigen mists will be released into NY or something like that either way I'm very interested

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There needs to be new stories and his could be it. All the crossing over in avengers and xmen plus all the villians becoming good all the time is a bit tiresome and frankly ridiculous. The prospect of different factions and new villians as well as teams and heroes is appealing to me. Maybe people wont die every second to be brought back. And maybe time travel wont be the only way to create new stories. Maybe we wont get an event every other month. And hopefully all the good villians dont get killed off and we end up having 200 inhumans on one team like we get in avengers and xmen

#66 Posted by HillbillyMorangie (987 posts) - - Show Bio

@hawk2916: I do like that idea, maybe make all of the factions anti avengers? Have some inhumans not end up joining a faction... It would fit with the game of thrones links... Also to have big likeable charecters made and killed would be so cool, but maybe for an older death, perma-deaths never gone down well with kids, look at gi joe and Optimus prime ;)