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With post #25 (See ya 5 posts a day limit! >=D) I figured we should take a break from the disliking of the current Battle of the Atom event and try something a little different. I ask a question of why, Why the X-Men? Why do you like the X-Men? What is it about this team of mutants that has us buying/reading/interested in their books? I mean to even read this post you would be on the forums dedicated to the X-Men lol Some of you have a lot of posts in the X-Men forums and are regulars.

Do you like the characters in X-Men? (If so who is your favorite character? Why are they your favorite character?) Do you like the overall theme in X-Men? Are the X-Men your favorite super hero group? Do you like the action? What draws you to the X-Men. Please share. I'm curious.

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Ororo Munroe aka Storm is my favorite x-men of all. She's just awesome!

I like the X-Men because they're very interesting characters and their powers and personality are unique as well.

I love the X-Men and forever #1 for me.

They will always be my favorite no matter how bad will they be handled.

X-Men fan forever!

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They were my introduction into comics.

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Well, I'm kind of more of a Wolverine fan then an X-Men fan, and he's my favorite hero for two reasons.

My favorite superhero is Wolverine, and I think he represents two things.

I think the first Wolverine represents is never giving up. Through out his life Logan has watched his parents die, watch most of the women he has ever loved die by mostly mistake of his own, lost all of his memories, been brainwashed into think that he is an animal, and many more traumatic and sad tragedies. Most people would have given up or just become plain evil, but Wolverine still just tries to the best he can with what life has given him.

The second thing I think Wolverine represents is redemption. Despite being ultimately good person at heart, Wolverine has been involved with and done many morally ambiguous things throughout his extremely long life. He feels shame and remorse for what he has done, and just wants to make up for all the mistakes and wrong doings he's ever done. That's why he is so enthralled by the concept of the samurai. He hopes that one day he can become a truly noble samurai that is a good person, and he'll never stop trying to achieve that goal.

That's why Wolverine is my favorite superhero. Plus, he's a badass with an insane healing factor and claws :)

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There interesting and it is nice to see the different members of the team interact

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Ororo Munroe aka Storm is my favorite x-men of all. She's just awesome!

I like the X-Men because they're very interesting characters and their powers and personality are unique as well.

I love the X-Men and forever #1 for me.

They will always be my favorite no matter how bad will they be handled.

X-Men fan forever!

Yeah, so, this. I just love the X-Men.

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It's an interesting team based around Civil Rights but mixed with the superhero genre. Also the characters have always just interested me. The heroes and their villains I mean. The X-men have such a cool relationship with each other. Though they might not always get along they have being ones of the most hated groups throughout the world that brings them together.

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They were the first superhero team I was ever aware of. I do like having several characters with distinct personalities, but what sets the X-Men apart from other teams for me is that they ate not simply a bunch of pre-existing heroes thrown together (a la the Avengers or Justice League).

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wolverine, nightcrawler and colossus. and x-23. rest are canon foder for me.

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they were my first introduction to comic books as a kid, and it took me years to get another comic of them or watch much of the 90s tv series so naturally i got very intrigued.

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I like a number of X-men characters like Wolverine, Gambit and X-23. I primary like the X-Force series from 2008-onwards as well. I like X-Force, Uncanny X-Force both volumes, and Cable and X-Force. I do like the X-men because they look cool and have very interesting characters.

I like Wolverine because he is a badass and I like his personality.

Gambit looks cool to me. I remember seeing a few episodes from the X-Men animated series and Gambit was in those episodes and thinking man he uses cards in battle that glow, man that's cool.

I generally take an interest an clones of heroes to see how they are as characters. There's something about X-23 that I like. I just don't know what it is.

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I loved the X-Men because they were one of my first introductions to the superhero genre (Batman) tying with them. I loved the fact that they are superheroes who are hated against, but try to protect the world anyway to prove that they are the true heroes. I also loved their relationships with each other, especially Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus' relationship with each other.

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I love the X-Men because they are not just superheroes. They almost another race that stand up against discrimination and ignorance of "normal" people. That really makes them easily my favorite group in Marvel. I am very fond of the characters, and how they have been a family of outcasts who have relied on each other for survival. I like how that there isn't a lot of black and white. There's a grey area. A lot of heroes/villains in the X-Men mythos are constantly switching sides because they are just doing whatever they need to do in order to protect mutantkind.

My favorite Marvel character, and favorite X-Men is Wolverine. Dude is straight up awesome. I am also a big fan of Cyclops, X-23, Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, Rogue, Gambit, IceMan, and so on. Magneto is also my favorite Marvel villain.

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@batmannflash: Wolverine fan #3 lol Which is your favorite costume? Gold/Blue, Gold/Brown or another one? I like there isn't really good or bad but rather different ideologies at a given time. I have a lot of respect for Magneto but my favorite villain is Juggernaut. I remember rooting for him when I was a kid lol I definitely like the togetherness of the mutant

@rabbitearsblog: Who doesn't like Batman? lol I had more Batman toys growing up than anything and I look forward to picking up the collected editions of new 52 Batman. I do love the personal conflicts the X-Men deal with while trying to save the world. Especially the time with Beast not wanting to be a mutant during Astonishing X-Men. Wolverine and Beast's dialogue was interesting.

@saoakden: Which is your favorite wolverine costume? Gold/Blue, Gold/Brown or another one? I curious to see if the other Wolverine fans will answer differently. Cyclops, Wolverine and Gambit were my favorites from the animated series. I miss Gambit actually. I look forward to reading about X-23. My friend(s) used her in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and I slowly learned more about the character. I hope I learn more about her in my X-Force books I've yet to read lol

@xwraith: Yeah I know what you mean by just throwing heroes together. The Avengers seem very government orientated while the X-Men always have been people orientated. I'm hoping I will enjoy picking up some Avengers titles in the future. Do you like the Avengers?

@pietromaximoffistheman: The X-Men feel...human. I think they capture what it's like to be a minority, along with other social issues, very well. I see many sociological themes that parallel the real world. I love that. Now looking at these comics it no wonder I ended up choosing Sociology as my major.

@wolverine08: wolverine is a fan fan favorite. I may not like what they have done with his character lately but I respect the character. thinking of getting a statue of him. Which is your favorite costume? Gold/Blue, Gold/Brown or another one?

@_slim_: Which was you first comic? Do you have a favorite X-Man?

@jhazzroucher: Is there a special reason storm is your favorite? I've always liked storm because of her leadership abilities. I liked her poetic way she would say what she was doing in the 90's TV show. Having a strong female character is awesome. Which is your favorite costume?

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@robert2928: I liked the movie, but I can't remember the last time I read an Avengers comic.

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Because the x-men consist of interesting and unique characters that were essentially normal people (before their powers developed). This means that they are relatable and demonstrate that it is ok to be different. I also love the relationship between Xavier and Magneto (as well as their characters) and think the original five x-men is probably the best roster. This is because of all new x-men atm which is great and easily one of the best marvel now titles. I think uncanny x-men is also good and am enjoying battle of the atom storyline, which I cant wait to see where it is going.

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@robert2928: My favorite Wolverine costume at the moment is his X-Force outfit. X-23 is an interesting character. She had her ongoing series for a while but unfortunately it was cancelled. I also miss Gambit's ongoing series as well. I read somewhere X-23 and Gambit have developed a special bond during the course of her ongoing series. I like more X-Men characters but Logan, Remy, and Laura are my top 3 favorite. I played as her in UMVC 3 and she's interesting to use. I wish Marvel would release a mini-series or an ongoing where all three characters would be in the book. If there is one someone let me know. If there isn't Marvel should make it.

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@robert2928: My favorite Wolverine costume has to be his X-Force one. Just the epitome of badass!

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@robert2928: not sure. My favorite Wolverine look would probably be...

Brown and red.