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So we have had some great Emma's, some okay Emma's and some really bad Emma's...

So in your opinion wrote the best Emma and the worst Emma?

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Best: Claremont, Lobdell and Morrison (I think Spurrier could write an awe-inspiring Emma, depending on the context).

Worst: Fraction, Bendis and Bendis.

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Whedon's Emma was aight.

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Whedon's Emma was aight.

but his Emma is not as good as his wolverine :p

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Best: Morrison, Milligan, and Claremont

Worst: Fraction, Whedon, Yost, and Bendis

The subservient Emma is my least favorite Emma. Without the pseudo-class, sass, and self-confidence she's nothing but typical Frank Cho-esque objectification.

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Scott Lobdell was the first writer to make me like Emma when she was in The Uncanny X-Men and Generation X, back in '94, so I guess I think of him as the writer who made her interesting in the first place. I never cared much for Claremont's version of the character.

I like Morrison's version, but I like Whedon's better.

Bendis doesn't use the character much, but I actually generally like it when he does.

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I can name a few, but I just want to mention one. Whedon.

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The writers that made me really like Emma as a character are Morrison and Whedon. Currently I'm sad she's underused by Bendis. And worst, I'd say Fraction (sad since I generally really like Fraction).

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Best: Lobdell and Morrison

Worst: Fraction

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Best: Morrison, Lobdell

Worst: Bendis

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Best are Morrison, Claremont, and then Whedon.Worst are Bendis and then Fraction. Yes, Bendis is worse. Emma at least had some moments under his run.

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Whedon. He gave her back alot of the heart she lost under Morrisons pen.

Idk if even Bendis or Fraction did that bad...since idk if a lack of use of a specific character is necessarily a bad use of the character. And considering how Fraction left the majority of the X-men to drown in the background idk if Emma was even that bad in general.

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Best: Lobdell and Morrison

Worst: Fraction


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Best: Lodbell, Morrison, and Whedon

Worst. Fraction, Fraction, Fraction & then Bendis.

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Best : Morrison and Whedon, even though I can't stand Morrison, he did write the best Emma Frost.

Worst : Fraction & Gillian. Emma Frost lived in Cyclops shadows, became nothing more than a sex toy for Cyclops and followed in the same footsteps as Jean Grey.

I actually like Bendis version of Emma, she not his priority, but she had some cool moments.

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Probably the only time I've ever seen the words 'best', 'Lobdell' and 'Morrison' on the same line of text :)

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Morrison ruined Emma the second he turned her into a walking plastic doll.

K/Y Emma is the one I enjoyed the most.

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Best: Lobdell

Worst Worst Worst: Fraction