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Poll: Who should direct X Men: Apocalypse (30 votes)

Bryan Singer 63%
Brett Ratner 7%
Gavin Hood 0%
Matthew Vaughn 13%
James Mangold 0%
Other - Please Explain 13%

The deal hasn't been signed off to Singer yet as he had mentioned but the idea was to have him direct it. Despite this if the off chance appears that he is not available for the job who else would you like to see take up the mantle on this project.

Out of the directors that we have had I would say my top choice would be Bryan singer but I would take James Mangold if he was available. Vaughn was good too but I felt like James brought more of an emotional depth, fresh approach and richer story with his version with plenty of nice comic book superhero elements.

The Wolverine felt like a comic book movie but it also felt like a character driven drama too and had a good blend of action, development and effects that I would like to see cross over to the ensemble films.

I would like to see the film embrace more of the team work side of things and have epic battles and destruction like the film is said to have also the 80s is a great setting aesthetically and in the right hands could provide a great comic book tone in the right hands.

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I would really like for Zack Snyder to take over. Besides MOS, this guy has never disappointed me (yes, even with the "questionable" Sucker Punch, "director's cut" is the answer). I don't even recall how many times I've watched the Watchmen, and was enjoying every damn time. Make yourself a favor and check out the "ultimate cut" as well.

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singer after what he did with dofp and x1/2

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They could do better than Singer...

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I say let Singer do it. Let him finish what he started considering he did a pretty good job with DOFP. If not him then I say hands down go get Christopher Nolan. I think he's perfect for the Xmen

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Singer....i mean he just gave us a film that, in the most respectful way possible, just said the other stuff before this doesn't matter.....and managed to direct a good story around it at the same time. Give the man his due, all of his X-Movies were pretty well put together.

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Not crazy about Singer. I would love the guys who did Avengers to take a crack an X-Verse movie.

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i know he's not on the list, but Sam Mendes he directed skyfall.

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Darren Aronofsky

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J.J. Abrams. An AoA movie should be huge sci-fi, which J.J. is known for.

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If not Singer then Vaughn. First Class was / still might be my favorite X-Men movie.

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How is Brett Ratner even in the discussion????

He killed the franchise and forced a reboot a la Joel Schumacher (Batman)

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10% for Rattner?!?!?! Freakin' trolls, man.

Singer started the franchise...1 and 2 were pretty solid and defined the tone for future comic adaptations for a while.

And seriously, DOFP is golden. In all of Midgard, Asgard, The Astral Plain, The Mojoverse, The Darkforce Dimension, The Brimstone Dimension, The Crimson Dawn and Otherworld....who would've thunk we'd see Blink, Sunspot, Warpath, Bishop and an adaptation of one of the X-Men's most beloved stories on the big screen in our lifetimes!?

I say let Singer finish his story...and I'm so hoping it involves Cable and Domino some how.

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I would definitely want Mathew Vaughn. I thought he did a brilliant job with First Class, and he really got that it's relationships that take these action packed superhero movies from being Good to Great.

He also had a lot of involvement in DOFP with the story and script, because he was initially set to direct. So we should give him substantial credit for that as well Imho.

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Darren Aronofsky

Yeah, I'm with you.

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Matthew Vaughn is my first choice , First Class is awesome and most of the credit goes to him. One can see Matthew is not squeamish like Singer with offing characters in style. Apocalypse needs to be a darker film.

Zack Snyder would be a good second choice BUT I am a realist and as he is unavailable due to his BvsS shooting schedule and long term JL commitments, his position goes to Guillermo del Toro, who likes fantastical almost horror themed plots and this is one of them, he did a good job with Blade 2(despite the story not being as good as Blade 1)

Third choice is Stephen Sommers ,he is the master of big budget visual spectacle with the Mummy movies and Van Helsing.Provided the script is good , he'd be chopping at the bit(he hasn't done movies in a while)

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Singer duh

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I'm just gna put it out here..... I should direct it lol or any other comic vine member on here tht follow the x-men! I would make the whole team a central part of the story and give them all somethn to do, not focusing on 1 or 2 characters... but since tht won't happen I'd say singer or Vaughn.... prolly singer cuz he did great on DOFP.

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Tommy Wiseau

He will also be the producer, writer, costume designer, and play Cyclops.