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If you know who I'm talking about, you get my question.

Obviously currently the best candidates for that title have to be young Jean and Magik. Their "Carrie" moments have been quite hilarious lately.

But IMHO the "mutant" Carrie has to be Scarlet Witch, what with her mental instability and potential for mass murder.

At a close second are the Cuckoos. Because if Wolverine manages to find them creepy, then there really is something creepy about them lol.

And then there's X-Man. He's a guy, and he's perfectly mentally stable. But he also was a walking psychic WMD for some time. Given the right amount of insanity and loss of control, he could have become a male "Carrie" :P

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I vote Magik. She's completely mental. The only thing that's missing from her going bat-shit-crazy is a shower scene with blood. Then again, I'm sure she's too old for that scene to have the same impact.

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Oh that scene. Wonder how marvel would be able to pull that off in the comics lol.

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There are any number of young women in the X-Men that have not gotten much attention that if a writer championed them the right way and had something bad happen to them at an espically emotional moment could have disasterous consequences for those in the local vacinity. Two I am thinking of specifically are Surge and Dust. Surge because her powers are faitly unstable without her control gauntlets. Like other mutants power levels can vary with emotional states as we have seen in the past. If she were to have an extreme emotional reaction to something her powers could erupt perhaps overcoming ther gauntlets ability to control her powers. Dust seems to have good control of her powers and is a devout muslim in her beliefs and has yet to let down her guard or even stop wearing her burka as she is still devoted to the culture she wa raised in. A way for her to potentially have an episode could be for her to be upset at having a close relative/friend of hers in Afghanistan be killed by Americans and have it covered up or even ignored. Upon hearing this she could have a large emotional outburst which could cause her decide to take action and go from there. I know there are plenty of others but those just came to mind.

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@tomchu: you have me thinking now how old is Magik? I thought with the recent comics she must be about 20 but no older then 22.

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@avenger85: Magical Blood in a Magical Shower with Magical Demonic Teenage Girls before a Magical High-School Prom? Hey, just a suggestion. If it doesn't work, Marvel can just retcon it or say it happened in a hallucination :D

@lightburst: I'm still a bit lost on her age, she was little Snowflake in the beginning, then the Belasco fiasco (hey, a rhyme!) and then the Inferno fiasco (couldn't strike lightning twice...), which de-aged her, and then something something New Mutants X-Infernus...? I don't know, but she's reaged now. I digress, I think she's about late teens - early 20s? If she's a mid-teenager, then she certainly is the scariest one I know.

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@lorex : Isn't Surge an african-american MALE O_O ?


Are you Veitha's alt account ? You got the same avatar lol.

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@lorex : Isn't Surge an african-american MALE O_O ?


Are you Veitha's alt account ? You got the same avatar lol.

No Surge is a Japanese female about 16-17 years old.