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What do you guys think? Do you think that BoTA was simply just a waste and didn't do any good to the X-Community? In fact, do you think that X-Stories have gotten better since that event??

Frankly, I think that BoTA was a bit boring and comics like All New have gone down in quality...

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Xorn Jean was awesome.


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I thought it was boring too.

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It had it's cool moments. Adult Scott almost disappearing in the start, Jean and Scott running away, Xorn Jean reveal, Emma and the Cuckoo's vs Xorn Jean.

The only problem is that after it was over it didn't effect anything, I think Teen Jean might be the only one who brings it up anymore and everyone else is just cool with it. So yea, it was ok at the time, but it became a waste of money after the fact because of how irrelevant it was made.

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Confusing and boring.

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@koays: That's true...

That's what I mean, it didn't effect anyone or anything... The only "major" thing that probably happened was Kitty and O5 switching teams... that's it...

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It could've been good. It needed a better writer

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BOTA was just stupid and not worth the paper it was printed. Complete waste of time and certainly not worthy of 50th anniversary event. No wonder some worry that xmen might be cancelled. Events like Bota add fuel to that fire.

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Completely. Bendis and Aaron just do not get what makes the X-Men work, and with BOTA, they weren't even trying. It was joke. A flagrant mockery of the franchise and its axiomatic nuances. They were probably also laughing at the fervent fans who unknowingly bought into this cheap charade as well.

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yup made me not like kitty pryde any more and made me wonder what purpose does rachel grey serve.

Still xorn jean was epic and kymera came from it (i like her so it wasn't all for naught).

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Yes, it was a complete waste of time.

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I know everyone rips on BoTA but imo although it was too long and some issues seemed repetitive and slow, overall it was a fun celebration of the xmen. The art was good and it had a few fun character interaction moments, I really liked the young scott jean moments stealing clothing as well as the kitty rachel Chinese eating. Plus some of the fights were cool, especially enjoyed the psy fight, as well as the magik moments when they stormed the mansion. Plus the final event at cape citidal was a celebration of the x-men. So although BoTA may not have been the best story told in the best way, i still say it had some gems hidden in there, and i enjoyed myself.

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waste of time

glad i ent spend cash flow on it