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@phoenixofthetides: Havok has tried being a villain, and Cyclops was made a villain in AoA. But unless they both get a major upgrade to their powers, or become Omega level like their deceased older brother ( I think Marvel MIGHT make that happen in future given the current popularity of Ol' One-eye), theyre more hero than villain material.

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I'd go with anyone that could fiddle with my brain.

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Jean Grey New X-Men era, Magneto, Professor X, Empath, Emma Frost/The White Queen and Magik.

Storm gets an honorable mention because the only thing holding her back from being scary is not wanting to inflict massive collateral damage, kill innocent civilians or destroying the Earth's atmosphere.

I agree about Storm's powers being one of the most dangerous since she can actually destroy where ever she's at by using her weather powers.

The only thing that makes weather control rank lower is that it is so limited. It ultimately only affects the physical world. Time manipulation, reality alteration, telepathy, telekinesis and high end energy manipulation tend to be powers that the most powerful characters have because they are more versatile and ultimately can affect the fabric of time/space, the metaphysical world and things that transcend three-dimension reality. Siena Blaze, for example, nearly killed Storm without even trying because her power is based around the generation of electromagnetic energy which trumps weather in terms of power scale. Magik, with full control of her powers, could just travel back in time and kill Storm's parents or her ancestor. Jean's TK at full power would pick apart anything Storm could do at the subatomic level. Just one of those things. Storm hasn't had much opportunity to explore what her powers could do in space or in other dimensions, though, but being limited by where she is can hinder her. Storm could do a lot if she was angry and didn't care anymore, though, so I can see her being considered Weapon X-level - she could be a nation and team buster which is a really good showing. If she allied with Dr. Doom and decided to be a villain, I think she would be a match for many teams.

Do you think Cyclops or Havok belong on the list?

Very nice post I can agree with most of your points however you're misconstrued that Storm merely just controls the weather. She actually controls the energies and forces behind weather phenomena (which goes a lot deeper than just controlling the weather) These energies incled Thermal, Electrical, Electromagnetic, Kinetic, Radiant, Potential and Chemical energies as well as Gamma Radiation. All of which she can discover great potential in each aspect of her power. I do agree that she is limited to only the physical world though but her potential stretches a lot further than most energy manipulators.

Yeah, that's why I was saying she hadn't had much time to explore what her powers could do "in space or in other dimensions". On Earth, her powers are limited to the most part to the underlying patterns of energy which cause atmospheric phenomena. Given how writers have typically used her as a Mary Sue-lite, it seems the only reason she doesn't explore other aspects of her powers would be because they want to keep the focus on her weather powers since that is the cornerstone of her codename and personal style.