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So many questions come to mind when looking at the following picture of X-Men: Days of Future Past: http://goodmoviesbadmovies.com/2013/05/14/picture-of-1973-wolverine-and-beast-raises-some-interesting-questions/

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Interesting indeed- though we did see a cameo of wolverine in first class so seeing him here isn't TOO crazy.

Though I guess we don't know if this is future wolverine or present one.

Still very interesting :D

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It would be sensible that Beast tinkers with the timeline which could justify that picture. As a fan of non-blue Beast (and non-monstrous looking mutants, in general), I like showing him without fur. But then again, he might be using an image inducer.

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What? Was there an implication of the time line being altered? Jackman will be just walk in the mansion and be like "F*** you" and leave. Cameo over.

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Lol I was under the impression that the wolverine there is the same one we saw I first class cameo- but somehow wolverine will have to lose those memories for the continuity to make sense.

I thought singer said he will not be counting xmen origins in the continuity- if that's the case we will be given a new way how womverine loses those memories.

Beast without fur is interesting and poses a lot of different possibilities.

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It looks likely that Wolverine will be one of the time travelers from that pic. I wonder who else will travel back, I'm guessing Kitty , Bishop and possibly Blink as well.