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The best X-Men movies were the first, X2, First Class, The Wolverine, and DOFP(it looks awesome just from the trailer!). Everything else is horse crap. So, after Apocalypse, they should reboot the entire franchise. If I was in charge, here's how I would do it:

The Roster:


Jean Grey









The Villains:




Multiple Man




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So, the movie will just be a list of characters?? Great.

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Why is Wolfsbane in it? And the villains seem to be just the same ones from X1-X3. I dont see the use in this scenario

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i don't see how a list of really rather random x-men is an idea for a re-boot. Wolfsbane makes no sense. Multiple Man is a hero not a villain. There is no x-man with Make-Up related powers (as far as i'm aware).

MY idea for a reboot...

Make a live-action version of the opening two episodes of X-Men TAS... Night of the Sentinels... perhaps... or re-jig Magneto's attack on that missile base from the original issue #1 as a NATO base or something more international. I have no problem with the "original" x-team being Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Beast (or Nightcrawler), Iceman, Wolverine (he can't be the new-comer, outsider sure, but not the new man on the team) and perhaps Angel (i can see an awesome flight scene with Storm and Angel... Angel using the drag from her winds to keep up).

I can't see a reboot using only the original 5. They aren't the most popular X-Men. Sure Cyclops is amongst the most popular, and Jean is one of the most popular. But Wolverine and Storm are all-but mandatory. I'd even like Emma Frost introduced as an X-Man in the second reboot movie... to replace a "dead" Jean. OR perhaps Psylocke replaces the "dead' Jean. And Emma is field-team telepath for the X3. An in-joke being, that the x-men lose a lot of telepaths (and think about the ones who actually die ... a majority are telepaths)

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id go back and redo first class with the actual first class but spice it up.


Xavier- Leader/Founder of X-men

X-men- Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Angel, Iceman, Havok, & Polaris

Wolverine, Storm, Psylocke, Dazzler, Colossus- Revealed as new x-men at end of first movie

Cannonball, Moonstar, Synch, Darwin, Petra, Shadowkat, Jubilee- second class/students revealed at end of first movie

Nathan, Nathanial & Rachel Summers- Small Cameo during credits

Bishop- Small Cameo during Credits


Brotherhood of Mutants:

Magneto- Leader

Mystique, Quicksilver, Scarlet witch, Destiny, Avalanche, Sabertooth, Exodus, Pyro

Hellfire Club:

Sebastian Shaw- Leader

Emma Frost, Mastermind, Sage, Selene, Donald Peirce, Harry Leland,

Friends Of Humanity:

Bolivar Trask- Leader

Craydon Creed, Henry Gyrich, William Stryker, Cameron Hodge

Apocalypse- mentioned

Mr. Sinister- Small Cameo

Marauders- Mentioned, not seen until second movie


Siege Perilous- First Class Are forced thru near end of movie

the movie begins with a young Rogue and Nightcrawler running through a field with a woman and baby(mystique & Craydon Creed) who are being chased by a savage Sabertooth. as they are running an early 20's Mastermind and a young emma frost are watching from a distance. mastermind and emma are using their powers to drive sabertooth insane to make him kill the others. as sabertooth closes in on them the woman hands the baby to rogue and tells them to run, the children beg the woman to come with them but she declines saying that this is the only way they will survive. the children run off and the woman reveals herself as mystique, she engages sabertooth in battle but is easily beaten, before he could kill her however she is saved by a blind woman that shoots sabertooth in the head. the woman helps mystique get to safety just in time to see the children run off into the night. she turns and says everything is going according to destiny as she turns to watch mastermind & emma frost getting into a car and driving off.

(Will add more, have errands to run so can fully think str8 lmao. will be another 3-part movie so yes i know there are alot of villians but not all of them will have big parts in first movie)