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Just a scenario... Say you were Rogue and you had gone evil and decided to go on a rampage. You're staying at the X Mansion and the following X-Men members (I know they're not current) are also staying there:








-Emma Frost


-Jean Grey (not Phoenix)



You only have enough time to drain the powers of 3 of them before all of the remaining members are awoken (whoever you drain will also be out the fight). Which 3 do you drain to give yourself the best chance of defeating the rest?

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Kitty, Kurt and Emma. You now have the mobility, mental defenses and evasive ability to drain more powers pretty easy and or take out your biggest threats. First priority to steal powers after aforementioned would be Colossus, Iceman or Wolverine, for the durability/resilience. First priority to neutralize - Jean and Psylocke. Emma's diamond form should provide enough telepathic resistance and with Kitty and Nightcrawlers powers as well as Emma's diamond form as well as potentially Colossus, Iceman powers should be easy to take out either telepath.

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@sc: I agree that the evasiveness of Kitty or Kurt would come first, followed by durability of Colossus or Emma. I also agree that the choice would be affected by wanting to remove the biggest threat first.

I'd go for Kurt and Emma, for survivability, and either Iceman or Storm for offensive capabilities.

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You wouldn't really need Kitty AND Kurt. IMO that's a waste.

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Cool thread!

For sure Nightcrawler and Kitty for bamfing and evasiveness and I would go for Emma as well because of her secondary mutation (diamond form). Then, bamf x 8 (Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Iceman, Jean, Beast, Psylocke) saving Gambit for last because that would be fun.

Rogue is the best.

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Jean - psychic defence and useful telekinesis.

Iceman - very difficult to take down and ice clones would be useful.

Shadowcat - another person who is difficult to take down plus the intangibility would come in very handy.