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I mean take a look at Wolverine, Spider-man, and Iron man. These three superheroes have woman/women to like/love on their side while busy fighting people and bad guys. These three have something in common throughout their story-telling: women with no superpowers falling in love with them and the heroes fall in love back with them.

Basically, since Origins: Wolverine showed that Wolverine's character can be developed with a human woman liking him, and Iron man has a human wife (Maria Stark) and girlfriend (Pepper Potts) (except she can wear Tony's armor also and help him out), and Spider-man has Gwen Stacey and Mary Jane Watson, I think Gambit's story can get a woman he likes who is more human too. I think everybody throughout the years has valued too much on the Gambit-Rogue relationship to the point where they think Gambit-Rogue relationship equals Gambit's whole superhero story. I hate this. I think I like Gambit and Rogue more when they're friends or when they have the "Spider-man and Black Cat relationship." Gambit has the potential to be a good single mutant in a similar story-telling like the other three without relying so much on Rogue, a super-heroine, to be on his side all the time.

Do you guys think this would work out for Gambit becoming the next Spider-man, Wolverine, Iron man, and etc.? I actually think Gambit would work well liking a more human woman just as it would with Rogue. He doesn't need his relationship with Rogue to tell his story all the time, in my opinion. She can be more like his helper or someone who looks out for him.

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Ooh, blasphemy!

Lol, I've thought about this before, I agree. Gambit should have a new love interest. But I will always, in my heart of hearts, want him with Rogue in the end.

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Yea, my 2 cents: Some romances become staples in comics, Gambit and Rogue may never be Superman and Lois Lane but the long development and impact of their relationship on each other is a large part of both their characters separate or apart. To say that Gambit doesn't need Rogue all the time is one thing, to say that he can have another character to support him is ok, but to say were going to have a permanent subplant of Rogue's roll is less then appealing. It may be true that there is no "true/lasting love" in comics (save the FF) but Rogue and Gambit's current role as each others primary love interest makes them both appear more fleshed out because even when with other characters they are a major part of each other.

That said, another interest is ok short term, but there's something to be said about two characters who are established on their own but still have each other.

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I like Gambit and Rogue, though i'd be ok with Gambit and Sage. There's not many regular women established like that in the Xmen continuity, is there?

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@koays: Didn't the writers already broke up Gambit and Rogue or something? I want to see Gambit take on a role like Spider-man's. Spider-man ends up having The Black Cat and Mary Jane in the end as his love interests. So Gambit should find a normal, human woman who he will like and make it like that with Rogue. Also, Gambit has the potential to be a good single mutant/superhero and eventually crossover with the Avengers or something.

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I like Gambit and Rogue together alright, but I really like both of them better separately.

Something that appeals to me about both characters is that they both really work well when they're on some journey of discovery, which, as fun as they can be together, neither of them seem to do when they're actually settled into a relationship.

I guess for Gambit especially, I see him as a guy who will always carry a torch for Rogue, always be affected by their relationship, but really works better as a single guy who mostly keeps others at arms length with no real attachments. But that's just me.

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@oldnightcrawler: I know right, they should turn the master thief into a good guy. Lol

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@oldnightcrawler: No, because I don't think I can access the full version of them on here.

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I see Gambit as the kind of guy who would fall for a "normal" version of rogue. Southern belle, similar personality but no powers or drama from other love interests or teams. Someone like his love but outside that world.

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@ascended: if you get the chance, you should give it a chance. Best Gambit in years, and just a great book.

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Gambit as a ladies' man awesome but yeah he should get back with rogue