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I have just started to play it. Anyone interested in playing pvp.

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No. I tried it out for a few days, but got bored.

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it can be annoying, I tried it before, but got bored. I decided to give it another try. There giving thingd away, I got about 50 shield points.

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I play occassionally

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pvp sucks, and i play ok you can add me if you need allies

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I've been playing it since it started.

I created 3 facebook accounts because of it. : )

MY Storm is level 12 on two of my accounts and level 7 on my third one. : )

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I tried to play it, but after a few hours I got bored lol

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I used to. I loved it. Got to level 160 or something.

Couldn't keep playing it once my internet got terrible though. Unfortunate, I did really enjoy that game and they got some good characters in since I stopped playing.

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Well I add some of you to my facebook account. Can some explain the pvp thing to me. you can challenge people online as well as fighting alongside them.

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You can also used allies for the flight deck right.

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uhmm ive been playing since it just came out and well uh, unless i missed something (which i might have i just casually play) the PVP is random against some one the same "rank" and level as you so you don't get to pick who you fight.

As far as flight deck goes, the only use of your allies are to get them to help you upgrade your ships (which is important).

you can also visit there towns to get bonus such as silver, shield points and energy all of which is important especially when you first start off (energy and silver stay prudent idk about other people but at this point ive got shield points coming out my ass so they are not as important to me)

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I was playing and it was interesting but I got bored.

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Emma Frost lvl 12... owns all.

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@illyanarasputin: My Pvp team is Emma & magik, Magik might be my favorite player on the game lol.

Most my x men characters are 12 though, cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Storm, Jean, so on and so on. lol its funny cause my actual avengers are like level 1 or 2 so im actually playing MXA Marvel x men alliance ;D

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@mcklayn: haha nice. my PvP is Emma & Invisible Woman. I wasn't playing the game / was taking a break from it when Magik was released... so very bummed out that I missed an opportunity to get her. However, I do love playing as Mockingbird

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feel free to add me. I'm level 108

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I have surprisingly few X-Men characters. Beast is my favorite and I haven't gotten him because I haven't seen a good enough reason to spend the CP on him. Anyone have a compelling argument for Dr. McCoy?

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i used to be so addicted and then just slowed down and stopped. im kind of relieved. it was hard work being so compelled to spend so many hours on it! im not a gamer, i usually never even try those sorts of things...i didnt know you could get so sucked in haha!

my best character was lvl 10 cyclops with the phoenix force armor. I got through whole levels barely needing any one else