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If you had to pick a team/series or even come up with your own team and make a story arc for it, what would it be and who would it include? Would it be a crossover? You can also re-do stories from the past

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@hawk2916: I'm actually pretty into the way that things are looking the main X-men books right now (X-men, Uncanny X-men, and All-new X-men), but something that's still missing, for me, is a book about some of the cool, younger characters who haven't had as much attention lately. I think at some point some of the more established characters from the school should form their own team.

the X-people

I personally think the name X-men is perfect, but since there are already at least two teams that go by that name, I took an idea from Runnaways when they met an alternate reality version of Armor, who was said to be the leader of the "X-people". Armor wouldn't be the leader of this team (at least, not at first), but she is a character I'd like to see branch out and do some new things.

I was thinking about how some of the students at the JG school that we haven't seen much (Anole, Armor, Blindfold, and Bling) are supposed to be helping Angel manage his fortune as part of their economics studies. I thought it might be a cool place to start to have one of those characters suggest that he fund a new team of student X-men, to work more lower profile missions, and/or help him with his recruiting for the school. Blindfold was one of those students, so maybe she just tells him that that's what he ends up doing anyway, and he goes for it. I like the idea that they may run into some initial resistance from Wolverine, but that he has to concede that characters like Cipher, Dust, Mercury, and Rockslide are in much less need of his protection than some of the other students.

By the end of the first or second arc, I'd like to see them leave the school to do their own thing away from the divisive politics of the other X-men teams. So, maybe one of their first stories could involve them tracking down Dani Moonstar to be their leader, who would in turn get Cannonball to come help her co-lead. This would give them some established leadership that was separate from the partisan X-men teams, allowing them to remain neutral and thereby largely unaffected by the high-profile issues already being dealt with by other groups.

And I'd like to see Cannonball bring in Manifold to help the team be able to work from an unknown location. He seems like a cool character who really hasn't had a lot of central roles, but he's had some cool experiences that a lot of these other characters haven't. Pixie would be fun for this team, too, but I imagine she'll stay on at the school to be on Storm's team, though it would be good to see her guest star from time to time, even if only as a messenger from Angel or the other X-men.

As for the focus of their missions, I'd like to see them at least partially retain the role of rescuing mutants for Angel (who would play a background role, as their backer), as well as catch up with some characters we haven't seen in a while like Elixir or Zero, eventually recruiting Prodigy, and facing some new threats that are under the radar of the more high-profile teams.

so, I dunno, would you guys be interested in a book like that?

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My all female X-Force Vs Sinister and his clone army of Marauders.......

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@judasnixon: now that is a super-ballin' X-force if I ever saw one! Makes me wish that was the actual team..

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