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Poll: Are you a fan of the XMen characters in space? (12 votes)

yes 42%
no 58%

There are several storylines involving the Xmen in space. All the Phoenix stuff, the Breakworld also the whole Vulcan episode. It seems to be a theme that is revisited often but also gets mixed reviews. I just wanted to know how many are fans of the xmen being space and in alien worlds?

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i dont hate it, but honestly its not my favorite thing. Like some great stories happened there, the ones you mentioned for example and i'm glad you mentioned the Vulcan one because it think it's under appreciated. Still in general, when something space related comes up i typically kind of sigh and can't wait for them to get back to earth lol

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Let those stories play out in GoTG or a dedicated sword comic book.

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I like a lot of the X-Men cosmic stuff, especially the original Dark Phoenix Saga. I like the Brood too. I even liked the Vulcan stuff (and, by extension, the Inhumans).

Some of the cosmic stuff is pretty hit and miss, though. Depends on the writer. I wasn't a massive fan of the Carey cosmic stuff.

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I always hated when the X-Men meddled with space adventure... it does not suit them well! Look at the last time we had X-Men in space: Havok, Polaris, and Rachel Summers as the Starjammers. That did not bode well with them. They were stuck in comic-book limbo for half a century only to be graced with minor appearances and cameos from time to time. The X-Men are about singular development in a world of fear and hatred, I never connected well during their space endeavors.

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Yes. If only because it gave us this: