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As New Mutants #50 ended DnA's run, it has left Nate, Cypher, Magma, and Warlock back into character limbo. Now with Sunspot in the Avengers and Moonstar now looking like she is gonna remain in the Fearless Defenders book, it begs the question of what will become of Nate now. I also am curious of this due to Rachel, Cable, and Nate all being together on Earth (alive and active) at the same time especially since Cable has a book, and Rachel is a reoccurring character in Wolverine and the X-Men and now has a main role in Brian Wood's X-Men.

It almost seems like a great time to try to redefine Nate and include him into the greater working for the X-Men....even if it's just a solo title or joining an existing title. Given that Rachel and Cable are getting featured more, it only makes sense to try to show some sense of family and finally have Nate and Rachel meet.

So besides people saying the pointless "I want him to just stay in Limbo or die.", what would you like to see become who Nate? Would you like him to join Scott's Revolutionary squad? Or go to Westchester and hang out at the JGS? Or Maybe go his own way?

Felt this could use a little humor. lol

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Other then Cullen Bunn giving a hint of a possible cameo in Fearless Defenders I haven't heard anything about where Nate will end up.

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I've been incredibly curious as to what they're going to do with Nate as well.

Like yourself I've been hoping to see some interaction between him and Rachel. Even expand on the relationship between Hope and himself. Wouldn't it make sense for Hope to reach out to Nate right now? What with Cable being back and "difficult to reach" right now.

I'd love to see Nate cross paths with Legion at some point. As much as I would like to see him out in the field again it would be quite entertaining to see him turn up in Wolverine's school as a teacher or assistant.

I hope we see some more of Nate soon. I've collected every issue he's been in to date and hate to see that collection stop because writers don't know what to do with him.

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Should do a Summers family comic, mixing in all the different branches of Cyclops, Jean, and Havok's family (with all the alternate dimension ones living around and clones and things). I know it's not very practical but it would be fun to see all of these characters who are family interact in different ways. Have Havok and his "nephew" Nate Grey even met? I know he guided Rachel Summers for awhile when she was going through a rough patch. And I love interactions between Cable and Cyclops. And X-Man is great for being a slight outcast but wants to be a part of his alternate dimension family.

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@psycorvus: Would Marvel put out an X-Man title and "X-Men: Legacy" at the same time? Legion might have to finish his first arc before that happens.

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@psycorvus: I don't think he'll interact with Hope much. Marvel's probably trying to avoid the whole NateXHope fan fantasy pairing. I wouldn't mind them having a series together. They're two of my favorite characters.

If I had my way, he would be on Scotts team, or have a solo.

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Have Havok and his "nephew" Nate Grey even met?

Back in X-Man #26 Nate briefly joined Havok's Brotherhood of Mutants, but ultimately left when he found that Dark Beast was also part of the team.

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Nate has been confirmed by Cullen Bunn to make an appearance in Fearless Defenders #9.

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Ah this thread. I remember you, but apparently I didn't realize that people posted stuff.

@the_myth said:

Nate has been confirmed by Cullen Bunn to make an appearance in Fearless Defenders #9.

Isn't that the boyfriend issue I heard rumors about?

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Ah this thread. I remember you, but apparently I didn't realize that people posted stuff.

@the_myth said:

Nate has been confirmed by Cullen Bunn to make an appearance in Fearless Defenders #9.

Isn't that the boyfriend issue I heard rumors about?

That's the one.

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Bumping this thread cause it could use more opinions.

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@the_myth: @thegreyoutcastx: I was wondering what happened to Nate grey it was a little before my time I remember him fighting prof-x/magneto monster but I have no idea what happened to him after or where he ended up I think I heard he became a shaman and was Madelyn and nate a couple I remember them being a couple but that would be a little bit odd

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@bigbadwolfx0: By Prof. X' and Magneto's monster I assume you mean Onslaught. Nate didn't actually fight Onslaught, he along with Franklin Richards was captured so Onslaught could absorb their powers..

As for Nate and Madelyn, no they were never a couple. Madelyn knew full well of their relation and used Nate's naivety to manipulate him. Nate had no idea of Madelyn's connection to Jean. And it never went any further then a kiss. His main relationship was always with Threnody, who may or may not have given birth to Nate's child.

Before I explain the shaman storyline it needs to been known that ever since his creation in the Age of Apocalypse Nate's powers have been slowly tearing his body apart.

The whole shaman thing came about after an alternate version of Madelyn, called Queen Jean, showed up and pretended to be the Madelyn that Nate had previously known. She takes Nate to her world where he finds out that this Madelyn has been searching the multiverse and collecting Nate Grey(s), as he/they are the most powerful psionic weapon in all existence. With Age of Apocalypse Nate Grey being the most powerful over all. Nate escapes and runs into another version of himself who had a special X tattoo, the genetic brand, which prevented his powers overloading. This alternate Nate calls himself a shaman, protecting people from Queen Jean's power.

The two Nate(s) end up getting recaptured by Queen Jean, but in order for the original Nate to escape the two Nate(s) switch bodies. So now AoA Nate has all his powers and the X tattoo to stop them killing him. The alternate Nate and Queen Jean end up dying and the original Nate ends up back on Earth-616 and vows to honer his alternate self by taking his role as shaman and to protect mutants and humans alike.

So no mater which reality she comes from Madelyn Pryer's relationship with Nate always feels a bit rapey on her part.

Nate spends the next few story lines doing the shaman thing protecting mutant/human kind and saving the multiverse. Until he ends up facing the Harvester, an alien with the ability to drain entire planets of their life-force. While it is outright stated that Nate is much more powerful than the Harvester, Nate can not hurt the Harvester without hurting all the people the Harvester has already connected too. Nate ends up converting himself and the Harvester into energy and merging with Earth's life-force, thereby tainting it and preventing others of the Harvester's species from 'eating' Earth.

Years later Nate would eventually separate himself from the Earth's life-force and returns to the physical realm in the Dark X-Men mini-series. A feat which Nate explained was incredibly difficult since he had become a part of every living thing on the planet. Nate possesses Norman Osborn for awhile and battles the Dark X-Men which ends up releasing Osborn's Green Goblin persona. Nate ends up getting his powers drained by Weapon Omega and Mimic and gets strapped into the Omega Machine.

Months pass before Nate is eventually rescued by the New Mutants, in the medic centre on Utopia Nate is informed that his powers have been incredibly damaged but they would return slowly, really slowly. On Utopia Nate bonds with Cyclops and Hope Summers before before moving in with and joining the New Mutants. It's at this point we see Nate's powers start to return as well as him starting a romance with the team's leader Dani Moonstar.

Nate was last seen in Fearless Defenders #9 where it's confirmed that he is still in a relationship with Dani, as well as talking to Dani's ex-boyfriend Cannonball.

That's pretty much everything up to date. Where is Nate now? I don't know, but I want him back A.S.A.P.

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@the_myth: thank you for the info I remeber a lot if it now I read up to the shaman part after that I am lost. Oh and yes I meant onslaught and I met cable fighting him(cable is probably my favorite x-men/marvel character), And did u mean that Nate was trying to date cannonball that does not sound like him at all

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@bigbadwolfx0: No Nate was definitely not trying to date Cannonball. What I meant was in Fearless Defenders #9 both Nate and Cannonball were called in because the other heroes couldn't figure out which one was dating Dani. In the end it was clarified that Nate and Dani are a couple, to which Cannonball makes the excuse that he is too busy doing his Avengers thing.

And if you want clarification about what happened to Nate after his return I suggest reading Dark X-Men #1 - #5, New Mutants #25 - #50, and Fearless Defenders #9.

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Cannnball isn't messin around with Smasher anymore?

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The stuff in Fearless Defenders #9 happened before Cannonball and Smasher got together. So don't worry the two are still a couple and even have a kid.

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Never mind their kid... Nate should return to the spotlight because he has a kid...