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I'll just cut straight to the chase. I recently found issue number 4 in my comic book shop. I didn't even know about this title before then. To the best of my knowledge Comicvine hasn't covered this series. So I just want to share my opinion of the series and recommend it to everyone. I'd hate to see it get canceled because no one knows about it.

Essentially it is a story of four genius scientists that create a company called World Corp to change the world. At first they are considered rock stars in a vein very similar to the Beatles. After many years of success divisions between the group become less manageable. The real hook of this series is when a World Corp facility is quarantined because of a viral outbreak.

By the way Nowhere Men #1 is free on Comixology. I'll give a fair warning that issue #1 isn't heavy on action, but does a great job of introducing characters. Especially Thomas Walker which is my favorite of the four Nowhere Men founders.

The creators of this series do an excellent job at world building. Each issue has faux World Corp advertisments, book excerpts, or magazine articles. I have feeling if this was written by Hickman or Brian K Vaughn I would have heard about this book months ago.

Here are a few images from the series so far...

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I just read this Bleeding Cool article and agree completely. Here are a few paragraphs, but I recommend reading the whole article.

I thought I was reading a comic like (the criminally underloved) Greatest Hits, more of a dramatic story of science and drama. I didn’t realize I was reading the goddamn modern comics Watchmen. I’m serious here, not being hyperbolic or silly. When you read actual issues of Watchmen you feel it, being connected to this big “thing”, it’s an immersive experience, it doesn’t feel like reading a comic book. That’s Nowhere Men all over. It doesn’t feel like you’re reading “just a comic book”, it feels like something else entirely.

This story is layered so beautifully, like some kind of baffling, yet pretty mathematical formula that any number of characters within the story could play with. I am going out of my mind waiting to meet modern Thomas Walker. This story has told so, so much but in such clever and inventive ways. There is never any dull exposition scenes, where someone is a new recruit somewhere and gets a tour or characters say things like “You’re my brother man, like my actual brother, of course I’ll get you a cheese burger, just like Dad would’ve, before his accident.”

The comic has literally no fat on it. The story starts on the inside front cover and goes until the inside back, with no ads! And it costs $2.99. That’s unbelievable. And is just another feather in Image’s hat, considering that between Nowhere Men, Manhattan Projects and Saga they’re easily publishing the best sci-fi comics in the field today.