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Poll: Wonder Woman New 52 Costume (30 votes)

With Pants 33%
Without Them 30%
The first one where she has a jacket is the best 27%
They should have went back old school with the skirt 10%

Do you think it was a good idea from DC to stick with the no pants thing, or do you think she should have gotten pants since other costumes already got great improvements ( no more outside underwear for bat's & sup's )

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For comics, without pants.

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For comics, without pants.

For my dreams, without pants.

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I wouldn't have minded the pants

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Prefer the pants.

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Pants or warrior skirt

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I like Jim Lees design. One of the reasons I bought the Artfx+ statue is was because she had pants.

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Something similar to this.

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I wonder, seeing how many people actually like her with anything but undies, yet DC backed out on giving her pants, i so do not understand...

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They could've given her star spangled shorts, or a skirt.

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This pic clearly illustrates that the "Wonder Woman Needs Pants" people have horrible taste. It includes the fugliest fake WW costume ever imagined.

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The one with the jacket is my fave.

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Lee's redesign with the jacket is fantastic.

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I voted for pants, but that was really just a vote against the leotard. Ideally, I'd like to see her in a hoplite-esque costume like this:

See? Sexy, while still be something a Greco-Roman warrior might actually wear.

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At the time of Wonder Woman's creation, the notion of a woman exposing her legs would have been a defiant and progressive statement. There is no modern equivalent, but pants are a lot closer than having her show skin for the sake of teenage boys wet dreams. They would also be more practical.

I was fine with the Jim Lee redesign, though I would have liked it more if there were any possibility that she could ever button the jacket over her massive boobs. (And no, I'm not calling for a larger jacket.)

The TV costume is simply awful, and it has nothing to do with the pants - it's just bad.

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Skirt or Warskirt. Check there designs out