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There's a huge sigh of relief on this side of the keyboard about Diana's relationship status in this issue and I have to say that Azzarello did tell the truth to Comic Vine in his last interview . . . and I called him a liar.

By and large, another filler issue full to the brim with decompressed subject matter and rehashing of long established points that keep this story from getting to the point already. Yet there were some entertaining moments and it was mentioned that this is a good jumping on point for new readers.

Soupman & Suprema for ever! End of pointless topic.

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Highlights for me included;

  • Diana's mention of the name 'Steve' & the reaction she got. I am glad Azz, if only vaguely, touched upon this subject.
  • Diana's grip on Orion's jewels! I think that has to be one of my favorite DCnU moments for Diana!
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yeah those were good points. . . . Zeke it is .