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Let's say DC decides its time to restart Sensation Comics and hired you to be the writer.what would you do in your first story arc?

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Make it about the Bat-family, the Super-family, or the Lantern family (Star Sapphires)!

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I was thinking about this the other day, too! Sensation Comics would be a great opportunity to give Wonder Woman a new title. I think I'd still take a New 52 take, making it a reboot of sorts, but keep the traditional superhero vibe. The first story arc would be about Diana leaving Paradise Island for man's world. I am in love with Azzarello's lore, so I'd keep that as a backdrop.

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One pitch would be to, as mentioned, have it as a second WW book, but with a more traditional superhero vibe. Though I wouldn't personally go this way if I had free reigns with such a thing.

In fact, I would try to make it a Gotham Central type of book; Diana would occasionally drop by, but the primary focus of the book would be the Amazons and their duty as jailer/captors of monsters that's been deemed too dangerous to roam free. (In case you don't know, in Batwoman it was established the Amazons were the guardians of an undersea prison that, amongst others, held Medusa and Nyx). For this job we'd need a team of Amazons to follow, perfect opportunity to introduce or reintroduce old and new faces, plus giving us a deeper insight into the Amazons mindset. Also I would like to re-establish the idea that Themyscira could be this City of Heroes, but for women only, prove yourself worthy in some way and you can come visit. Along this line, I would like to dip into the idea that each and every Amazon is a hero in her own right, and worth dozens of normal human adversaries.

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Not sure, but the first thing I would do is make Ares a bad guy again.

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I was thinking making it like a Wonder Woman team up with heros that don't already have their own book having three issue story arcs for the story.Also it would be a good way to reintroduce villians like Dr. Poison,the Mask,Clear etc... and a good way to flesh out more of a supporting cast.I agree with following what Azzarello has already wonderfully laid down.