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With a couple more years and about 20 more pounds of muscle mass, I'd say Victoria Justice could look the part of Diana.

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@rustyroy: Iron Man got a trilogy and an appearance in Avengers; Thor's only getting his second movie now. She definitely needs an origin movie, but a cameo can set her up for one by getting people curious. That's all I'm saying.

@tanet62: Who said a cameo is all she'll get? Either she gets a major appearance with or without a cameo or nothing at all.

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@toplel: I'm not getting your point, IM appeared in 4 movies, Thor in 3 movies, there's not much difference, even if she gets a cameo in BvS she won't be in more movies than Batman and Superman, anyways I get what you're saying, I just have a different opinion, if Batman made a cameo in MoS then I would've been pissed about that too.

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if the cameo thing is true,let's wait and see how it works.