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This is a very revealing interview from Morrison. Not only does it give interesting tips on the premise and concepts for his Wonder Woman graphic novel but he reveals his typical understanding of the history and genesis of the character in the Golden Age. Also, the sad news of his cat and mum dying might explain his slight lax in quality on Action Comics and Batman Inc Volume 2. Not that they weren't good or great or damn well enjoyable but they lacked a bit of Morrison's usual finesse.

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@dmessmer: ah lesbein diana i knew this day would come. well then...my body is ready

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sounds very interesting.

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@lvenger: I think it still had that Morrison finesse, because Morrison's finesse usually means if you're reading his issues month to month, instead of reading it all in one sitting, you're going to be lost, and Action still had that in my opinion.

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I have read Morrison stories month to month for roughly 20 years and have never been lost. Reading every issue in one sitting or trade for that matter will not provide anyone with a better understanding it is the entertainment value and the multiple read throughs that allows for the layered and nuanced stories to be told.

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@dmessmer:i don't trust in that man,and seeing some trolls on that page is ironic,they say she is a boring character but they are following an article about her,the power of wonder woman,even without her own animated series or movie on the big screen,even without a top 10 seller,she still makes people go crazy about her for bad and for good,so forgotten issomething she will never be.