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At least the guy is passionate about comic books, knows their history and is more interested in doing a great superhero story rather than wave meaningless words like "Dark and Gritty" and "Grounded in Reality" like they were divine commandments.

And he has enough cred that DC approached him to work for them. Here's what he pitched for a Superman story.


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I read his story in Action comics it was decent at best. Chronicle was fun but forgettable film, the studio rejected his script for a sequel. His idea for a new Green Lantern film with Kyle Rayner as the main character did not seem very interesting, also his pitch for a future Superman book I read sometime ago seemed like fan fiction rather than a story and take on the character that could be looked at seriously. I in no way want to sell his talent short but he should probably check his ego and work at his craft.

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It is not like he is the only one making a pitch for her movie and after his Superman movie rant, I'm not certain even his name will bring him any luck!

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Yeah, he was pretty harsh towards Superman. I'm not sure how petty the WB execs are, but my guess is "very." I doubt they'd go to him now.

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I'm a big fan of Landis and he has a great grasp on comics and superheroes. I'd be interested in seeing what he does with it.

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Although it seems like he has a huge ego, at least someone passionate about comics and who has Hollywood connections is trying to make a Wondy film.