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Okay there has been rumours that she's been talking to WB/DC about "superheroes," and said herself that she would love to play the role.

I mean look...

Doesn't that scream Diana to anyone?! And you could argue that despite Sif actually existing in Norse Mythology, that her comic counterpart does share some similarities with Wonder Woman!!

So any thoughts?!

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cool, id be down

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I would definitely be happy with that casting she's already proved she can play the warrior woman with Sif

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I think she'd be a great choice.

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She is beautiful. I'll say tHat.


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SO YES, SO YES, SO YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've never seen her in anything besides her limited role in Thor. I could roll with it though.

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Not a bad choice

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I could go with this.

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If so dose get the role please don't give her/diana a flipping kite shield.

The sif outfit looks good a couple of changes and it could suite WW

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Yeah I just saw Thor 2 and she seemed okay even though it was a very small role. Its probably just the silver wristbands and black hair; but she definitely has the look. I mean ideally I would want her to be a little taller but, meh; although she did seem a bit taller than Thors actual love interest.

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I'd rather see Gemma Arterton as WW.

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she'd be good, but i dont want her leaving thor

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she is fine. but unimaginative. get jennifer lawrence.

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Jaime Alexander was on Jay Leno last night (11-14-13).

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I think she would be fine. Not my first choice but you could do much worse.

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Glad I'm not the only one with the idea.

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Do not like.

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@viin said:

Jaime Alexander was on Jay Leno last night (11-14-13).

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She looks a whole lot like Wonder Woman, at least the way Marston intended. She just needs to bulk up some, in my opinion; she's a little too thin right now.

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She's not gonna be WW she barely has any ties with WB.

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I'd ship it.

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That's such lazy casting though

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lol nope it's Gadot