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They had a good and bad relationship with each in tthe early JL cartoons. They worked well together on dangerous missions. I wonder what if Shayera made appearances in Diana's New 52 series?

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@zhurong: to my knowledge hawkgirl has only been on Earth 2

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@bronze_surfer: Hawkwoman/Shayera is on the Earth Prime, Hawkgirl/Kendra is on Earth 2.

I'd love to know she's being used somewhere in the universe never really thought her relationship with Wonder Woman was that good though, and would probably want her to interact with Katar more first.

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Sadly it seems the Hawkgirl from the cartoon cant appear in the main DCU, because there are far too many versions of the same character and all of them are practically shackled to Hawkman's ankle.

That said, I do like the idea and dynamics when the more stoic Diana is paired up with a more loose and aggressive woman like the cartoon Shayera (she started barroom brawls for the fun of it after all). But currently that role occupied by Aleka, before that it was mostly Artemis...

Dem Redheads!

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I had an idea of a Wonder Woman film where Hawkgirl, or woman, I don't really care what you call her. Made her debut to the big screen halfway through a Wonder Woman solo film but she's disguised and isn't revealed to be Shayera or Shiera at first, but an alias and she reveals herself as a Thanagarian while Diana fights the movies villain, she reveals herself and helps Diana. It ends up being a team-up film and at the end Diana asks Shayera/Shiera if she'd be interested in joining the Justice League.

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@comicnerd105: I wouldn't mind Shayera being in a Wonder Woman movie like how Black Widow was in Captain America.