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Poll: Azzerello? Leave or Stay (172 votes)

Stay 65%
Leave 15%
I don't care 20%

I personally think his book is amazing, and can't wait to see where he takes us. At the beginning I had some complaints but I easily got over it by the 11th issue.

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@powerwoman: Diana has in Azzarello's book on three occasions shown she is still fast enough to block bullets and arrows, did you just conveniently forget that?

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@outside_85: someone with super speed getting tagged by people without super speed is garbage,just like the whole run.

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@gokuwarrior: Tell me, have you ever read a book featuring characters like Superman or Flash? Because they have superspeed as well, and they get tagged all the time by people who dont.

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@outside_85: yes,and it's called bad writting and show the lack of imagination of most of the writters,what happens?,all of the sudden the characters forget they have super speed?,then why the hell do they give them super speed in the first place?,comic writters are lazy and can't imagine credible foes for their characters that's why mangas destroy them in salesand popularity,manga writters are more profesional,mangas don't have those kind of inconsistencies,you don't see a solar system buster owned by a nuclear explosion or an speeder tagged by a slow brick,mangas are consistent with their showings,and they have only one writter working on the book,while comic companies have a writter for every book and sometimes more than one writter for one book but they are still unable to be consistent about the capabilities of every character,poor bunch of idiots.

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@gokuwarrior: If Manga's are so superior in your eyes, why don't you just read those and stop moaning about the traditions of american comicbooks that have been around for as long as the medium has?

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@outside_85: I'm sorry It's not a good showing,if you see superman lift earth five days then wonder woman lift a Poor aircraft,when new 52 superman faster than light,then wonder woman block bullets..............................

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@powerwoman: Yeah, because that feat made so much sense 5-6 pages later when he was getting smacked around by H'El who hadn't done the same workout in our viewing.

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@outside_85: i like comics,but i'm not blind to buy all the crap that they do,comic writters are lazy and unprofessional,they creat inconsistencies all the time,inconsistencies that they could easily avoid,because it's easy to be consistent in fights between characters,you just have to make characters fight other characters in the same league as them,respect the standards of every character,but comic writters don't give a shit so they water down powerhouses and create stupid plots,guess they don't wanna think too much in how to make the fights have sense,and for me that is treating the fans like morons that will buy anything no matter how stupidly written it is,i want bthe writters to be true profesionals and respect the standards,respect the way that a character is supposed to be written,the capabilities that a character is supped to have instead of giving as stupid plots to water down characters.

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@outside_85: H-el is much stronger than superman,or just another superman Inconsistent showing again

but what about wonder woman?she isnt Inconsistent,just look like she is weak,this not wonder woman,at least not William Moulton Marston of wonder woman

I dont like this writer,i hate his art,he just take wonder woman strength and speed,and durable,she got KO by casual magic lightning,and now,wonder woman will toe with toe fight katana,what you think?you like it?

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@gokuwarrior: I must be agree it...PIS almost destroy every charater in the comic book..

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@powerwoman: And where is your proof then that H'El is stronger then?

I will give you Johns writes her as stupid and agressive, but no one in the New 52 has portrayed her as weak.

What writer are you talking about this time? Azzarello or Johns? And from where do you know the lightning was 'casual magic' when Ocean Master didn't use it before?

@gokuwarrior: It's odd you say you like comics, but you don't like inconsistencies. Because the inconsistencies have been around for 80 years now, so did you start reading comics for something to hate?

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@outside_85: inconsistencies happen because writters are unprofessional and lazy,they think no matter how stupidly they writte,people will buy it,they treat the fans like morons.

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@outside_85: H'el isnt have too much strength feats,so i say that maybe just another superman Inconsistent showing,read all of my posts please

she is weak,DC make katana can match her that enough prove it,and if you read superman feats and read wonder woman feats,that just gap is so great,i even cant belive they are should be on the same power level,DC must be changed wonder woman

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@gokuwarrior: So I'm not a true Wonder Woman fan because I like something you don't? Riight that's totally not a hypocritical, unconstructive position to hold.

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@lvenger: Do not argue,we are all of wonder woman fans,just has disagreement

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@powerwoman: I came back unnecessarily anyway so yet again I'll take my leave from here. I merely defended my position as a WW fan is all.

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@lvenger: i don't think you can be a wonder woman fan if you think arazzello portays her properly.

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@gokuwarrior: Then you have a lot to learn about what being a fan of a character means.

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@gokuwarrior: @lvenger: I'm dont like arazzello and John,arazzello's story i cant accept it ,and i'm hate his art

I'm also dont like wonder woman is depowered,john's wonder woman just more worse,i dont know what's his think but katana can match wonder woman just a silly plot,that really enough,I'm waiting for over years to see wonder woman she no any powerful feats and got a street charater to fight again,DC not changed anything,just like Pre-52 wonder woman,but new 52wonder woman is more worse because pre-52 wonder woman has great story and feats,new 52 wonder woman feats and story is poor

Also,please stop ,we are all of wonder woman fans,dont be argue

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@powerwoman: What's your favorite book in the new 52?

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@gokuwarrior said:

@outside_85: she was about to get owned against hermes and the first born,the ridiculous chick i mean god got owned by an arrow but he was too much for wonder woman,wonder woman is now wonder flop.

Actually, Hera, Lennox, Orion, and Wonder Woman were about to get owned by First Born; they each got each other out of scraps and eventually retreated to New Genesis. Azzarello was showing how much of a threat First Born should be perceived by the reader; Wonder Woman was also going to kill Moon, but she got stopped. Did you just take a jab at the Messner-Loebs run?

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@lilben42: Supergirl,Superman,Action comics, and Worlds Finest,but someone tell me It will cancels,if is true i think I'will very sad

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@gokuwarrior: He portrays her personality greatly. A few things are missing sure but I can see past that. I don't see how she is a supporting character. Because she has a few friends? WW always gets the most comic time. And does the most important stuff. To say she is a supporting character is to say if she left her group everything would still be okay.

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@lilben42: I just can not understand, in addition to the story, you like the new 52 wonder woman?a depowered of wonder woman?can i ask a question?did you read pre-crisis wonder woman comic book?did you know what is William Moulton Marston's wonder woman?

Dont call high-level feats is silly,in the William Moulton Marston(wonder woman of creative) comic book,almost every issue wonder woman could be have a amazing feat,i dont understand the people call me high level feats is silly,high level feats is William Moulton Marston of wonder woman is part of the composition,but sadly,people forgot what is wonder woman

now,katana could be match her...what can i say

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@powerwoman: Tbh, I don't care to read your posts that don't include my name in them since you barely make any sense in half of them. And no, it is not DC as an entity who believes Katana can take out Wonder Woman, it is Amanda Waller that believes that.

And as for feats, we have argued about that before and I stand by what I said back then: they are meaningless most of the times and you have a nasty habit of disqualifying those Diana does have to justify your own position on the matter. You clap your hands when Superman lifts a planet, but Diana decking a god is considered rubbish.

@gokuwarrior: Or, you know, they just understand the medium and it's audience a lot better than you do. If everything in comics was set in stone, then creativity will eventually cease as the power ranking slowly calcifies.

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@outside_85: you dont care it?and why you reply to me?

what is wrong?New 52 wonder woman no any powerful feats,prove it wrong,beat a god?so what?thor is god too,he can destroy universe?we even dont know how powerful is DC gods

not only strength,new 52 wonder woman no any speed feats,no any durable feats,and then no any amazing strength feats,and,we can waiting next issue,DC must be 100% let wonder woman through a hard fight to beat her

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@powerwoman: Yes I did. And I read Perez and loved his run. I liked what he did with Circe and Silver Swan. When I think of high level feats I think of moving a planet and that is stupid and silly.

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@lilben42: William Moulton Marston let wonder woman moving the moon,this is true wonder woman,just accept it,this is wonder woman part of the composition,skill not main part of the wonder woman,wonder woman never just a skill of woman,In the Pre-52,she help superman moving the even earth,how can be silly?that always is wonder woman part of the composition,you like a depowered wonder woman,sorry,i cant accept,i like wonder woman is powerful of goddess,not just Kung Fu female spy

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@lilben42: Superman,supergirl,powergirl is my favorite character,I'm love them everything

I'm just hate New 52 wonder woman comic

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@powerwoman: Moving the moon I could accept. Your right she isn't a spy she is a warrior.

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@lilben42: Wonder woman is more and more powerful than before,in the Pre-crisis,she can moving the moon,in the Pre-52,she can help superman moving the earth,so what next?

I dont want to wonder woman got depowered,I'm want to "next",that not silly,i think William Moulton Marston would be agree it too

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@powerwoman: Your one of the only people I know who only likes feats.

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@lilben42: Here we go again

When I'm want to wonder woman has high level feats,people call me this is silly and "feat fans"

When wonder woman vs katana,people say this is silly and bad match up thing,but they are even cant prove this is silly plot,why?because wonder woman feats is poor

And you not read my posts,high-level feats always is wonder woman part of the composition,superman always has hight level feats,no superman fans omplained that he should not have high-level feats,only wonder woman fans hate high level feats,i dont know why your are so hate high level feats,Because I always emphasize wonder woman should be has high level feats so you sick?

Why I'm not emphasize superman should be has high level feats?I'm more love superman than wonder woman,he was my second favorite charater(I'm more love supergirl)because superman always has better feats,he isnt need me to emphasize it,high-level feats is superman part of the composition,wonder woman has same part of the composition too,read William Moulton Marston points,wonder woman never just has skill,William Moulton Marston

particular emphasis on the strength of wonder woman,you need read it

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@powerwoman: Yes and Wonder Woman is still strong. We just don't know how strong.

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@lilben42: That was very sad

I'm waiting for over years


strength: bench presses the weight of the planet for five days and only perspired a single drop of sweat. Note that he had no contact with sunlight during this time so he was running on his own internal reserves of energy. He also flew to the sun.

Speed:A speed and processing feat. Kal reads every medical text ever published, and goes through "ten years of medical training in five minutes.

travel speed:He flies from Pluto to Earth in the time it took the Red Hood to have a short conversation with Starfire and friends.

wonder woman:

strength:lift aircraft

speed:take bullet

travel speed,no more faster than even sound

I dont know what you feel,I'm just feel sucks and failure

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Speed: Kept up with Hermes when he said he was the fastest man alive.

Why do you keep comparing her to superman? She has a better book that's the best feat in my opinion

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@lilben42: That isnt prove anything,again,we dont know how fast is him

see?you dont like a powerful of wonder woman,I'm like it,we are different,sorry,i cant accepted wonder woman is depowered,that never is true wonder woman ,and wonder woman always has high level feats,even you think it's silly,but you cant changed,pre-crisis wonder woman move the moon.pre-52 wonder woman moving 1/3 of the earth,this is my wonder woman

and this is your wonder woman

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@powerwoman: No I like both. Being powerful isn't just about moving a planet. You can be powerful and not do that. WW is depowered in the new 52 but she isn't weak. Are we done here? Because you keep missing the point of my posts then go off and say the same thing.

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@lilben42: You think she is powerful but even no scan can prove it

that just you Imagine,sorry,wonder woman is weak

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@powerwoman: We just went through this. I showed you scans and then you tried to make excuses for them. Could you stop going in circles.

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@lilben42: I'm explanation it,beat supergirl not because wonder woman stronger than her,and superman isnt want to fight to her,he just want to hold back wonder woman

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@powerwoman: Read it. Supergirl says WW looks just as strong as Kal. She also says WW is way too fast for her. Then read what WW says. Are we done here? It doesn't matter if supes wanted to fight or not you have to be pretty strong to kick superman away.

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@lilben42: Looks at not real,just look like,i dont know that can prove what

superman just easily beat supergirl in fight

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@powerwoman: So did Wonder Woman I don't see her bleeding or hurt at all. You keep making excuses that don't make sense. WW easily beat Supergirl when she got really serious.

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@powerwoman: WW is stronger and faster than Supergirl.

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@lilben42: Wonder woman herself even say supergirl is match her speed and strength

stop,just stop

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@powerwoman: You must not be able to read because WW said "We are CLOSELY matched in strength and speed." I'll stop when you start making sense.

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@powerwoman: Think of it like this strength...

Wonder Woman: 9

Supergirl: 8


Wonder Woman: 8.7

Supergirl: 8

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@lilben42: so?is close,not stronger,and superman easily beat supergirl

just accepted New 52 wonder woman is super-weak