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Sorry if this has been posted already.

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Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and this June find out why in the MASSIVE, Wolverine: Adamantium Collection HC! This all-new Mighty Marvel Format (the self-proclaimed, Adamantium Sized) , presented at over one foot tall, packed with 720 pages, and weighing in at 16 pounds, chronicles the best moments from Wolverine’s long and storied past by the greatest creators in Wolverine history! Now for the first time, fans can witness the transformation of sickly James Howlett into the battle-hardened Logan, and then into the metal-clawed super hero called Wolverine in this jaw dropping new format.

Woah. I am not getting this but if marvel do this with other characters, EPIC!


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Well, that's not something you'd take with you on a whim :p

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@Aiden Cross: hehe xD No it's not! It is a freaking bible of wolverine 0_0

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I'd love to own something like that. Wolverine's not even my favorite character, and it'd be a pain in the @ss to fit on the shelf, but just to have something like that as part of your collection...awesome.

Sadly, it's not financially feasible for me. I like a variety of books, so putting all of my comic-book budget's eggs in one Wolverine basket is not for me.

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My wife owns the heaviest piano found in the south eastern part of the U.S.  I've had to move it a few times... sigh...  I imagine that book would be not QUITE as heavy as that piano... But getting it upstairs would be a chore.  :-)

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Holy crap 16 pounds?

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I ned it!

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WOW!!!!!! 16 pounds!!! I want it!!!!! how much?!?