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What is with the bone claws? I've always assumed Logan was a normal human, and then subjected to the Weapon Plus program and all his powers were "artificial"...

[Please distinguish between original stories and later retcons.]

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ok wolverine is a mutant. his powers are enhanced senses, the bone claws which are very dense and even before the adamantium could cut through most things, and of course the healing factor. weapon x, which was all about taking mutants and making them weapons or making humans into powered weapons saw a chance to cash in on wolverine so they kidnapped him, put him through brain washing, added adamantium to his bones and made him into a mutant assassin. he later broke out but because he had been given so many false memories he couldnt really distinguish between what was his real life an what was false. he always assumed weapon x had given him artificial claws until magneto tore the adamantium from his skeleton and he found his bone claws underneath. after house of m he finally regained his memory of his entire life before weapon x

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@eza1: read Wolverine Origins if you are really interested. COMPLETELY different than the movie. It explains your question completely.